Ex-NFLer Dez Bryant is slammed over ‘sexist’ tweet after he claimed he doesn’t like talking football with ‘certain women who don’t know their role in talking a man’s game’

  • Dez Bryant angered fans online with a controversial tweet on Saturday 
  • He starred for the Cowboys from 2010-17 and played for the Ravens in 2020 
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Former NFL star Dez Bryant was accused of sexism on Saturday night after saying that he doesn’t like ‘talking football with certain women.’

Bryant had tweeted about the Bills-Chargers game, suggesting that there was something going on between Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs (who finished the game with just 29 receiving yards), when an account appearing to belong to a female football fan told him to ‘chill.’

‘Josh Allen is still a stud, and Diggs is killing it on the field… No need for all the unnecessary panic, okay?,’ the account belonging to ‘Laura’ said.

The former Cowboys receiver Bryant then told the woman that she ‘didn’t know [her role],’ and many X users felt that his response crossed a line.

‘I personally don’t like talking football with certain women because they don’t know their role in talking a man’s a game,’ he wrote.

Dez Bryant starred for the Cowboys from 2010-17 at wide receiver, making three Pro Bowls

But he angered fans when he said he didn't 'like talking football with certain women'

But he angered fans when he said he didn’t ‘like talking football with certain women’

‘I’ll never tell you how to put on a skirt.’

Fans were quick to criticize the 35-year-old, with one saying, ‘what a sexist.’

‘Dez way too much eggnog today pal time to log off,’ another quipped.

Another female football fan wrote, ‘Dez I liked you when I watched the cowboys with my ex. But this is NOT the right look. Women like this game and know this game as much as men do and you can say ‘certain!’ Women as a scapegoat; but tell it how you mean it. Smh, this is low.

However, Bryant continued to defend his point.

‘I’ll never tell a woman how to birth a baby.. I’ll never tell Serena how to swing a tennis [racket] I’ll never tell tiger woods how to swing a golf club,’ he wrote.

‘No woman or man who don’t know much about the game will ever tell me how to run a 3 step slant vs man or zone or a bang 8 vs man or zone without spending quality yrs towards the game.’

He added that it ‘p***es me off every woman feel like I’m talking to them,’ and said ‘you have women who know the game and those women know I wasn’t talking about them.’

He also claimed, ‘I might be living with CTE.’

Some women respected Bryant’s opinion.

‘Hey Dez. I believe I can talk football with anyone, so I don’t believe you were talking about me,’ one wrote. ‘As such, I’m not offended.’

Bryant attends the NBA 2K23 Launch Event at Rolling Greens on September 7, 2022

Bryant attends the NBA 2K23 Launch Event at Rolling Greens on September 7, 2022

Another said, ‘I hear you on not talking with certain people about topics you’re well versed in.. I don’t either, def agree there.

They then added, ‘But that skirt comment? Not so much.’

Bryant, a 2010 first-round pick, played eight seasons with the Cowboys and was named to three Pro Bowls while in Dallas.

He played one final season for the Ravens in 2020. 

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