Exercise pill to burn fat and grow muscle in one tablet

Ronald Evans, a professor of biological studies, claims he has found the formula for a tablet to burn fat and grow muscle.

The chemical PPARD activates genetic pathways in the body to increase the aerobic endurance of an athlete or someone working out. 

Evans and his team with Salk Institute in San Diego, California, injected the chemical into sedentary mice to see if it altered the fat and muscle content in their body.

The findings showed that 70 percent experienced a decrease in fat and increase in muscle, which could help researchers develop an exercise pill for humans who are unable to workout due to health risks.

Biologists with the Salk Institute in San Diego are one step closer to developing a drug that could burn fat without exercising. They tested a new pill on mice and found it burned fat and helped grow muscles. Experts say this could help with those who are unable to workout

Evans has been working on developing this exercise drug for the last decade.

His first study in 2007 tested mice when they were injected with the drug GlaxoSmithKline Plc, which increased the fat burned and athletic performance of each rodent. 

But Evans told Bloomberg he didn’t believe the drug should be available for human use because of the potential adverse effects it would cause.

These adverse effects showed up as cancerous tumors in the mice who took the drug.  


When Evans first released his drug in 2007, he kept it under wraps because of the potential side effects. 

But athletes were caught using a drug similar in the 2009, which forced the World Anti-Doping Agency to ban GW501516, known as Endurobol. 

The supplement is sold on the black market because it doesn’t have the US Food and Drug Administrations approval.  

These athletes used the supplement to boost their endurance level when performing their sport.

“For a lot of athletes, winning is more important than their intrinsic health or the risk they are taking,” said Evans to Bloomberg.

Human trials for Endurobol were halted by 2013 because of the adverse effects it can cause including cancer.

Evans new drug uses the chemical PPARD and has been shown to increase the endurance in mice which could entice athletes to try it.  

Source: Bloomberg 

Over the next decade, he developed different forms of the drug to find the a chemical formula that would alleviate adverse effects such as cancer. 

His new drug uses the chemical PPARD, which is activated when someone is doing aerobic exercise. 

PPARD increases the energy spent in the body to cause more fat to be burned during a workout. 

The new drug works on stimulating the fat-burning effects in the body without activating markers associated with increasing the risk of cancer.

When someone works out, their muscles will burn either glucose or fat to act as fuel for the body. 

Researchers at the institute used this information to design a clinical trial in mice where they would stimulate PPARD in the muscles of sedentary mice. 

This was to test if it was possible to simulate fat burning without the mice having to exercise.

The drug not only increased the fat burning in each mouse but also decreased the risk of hypoglycemia, which causes low glucose levels in the brain.

Glucose is the body’s main source of energy, so when it is low it can cause fatigue, irritability and hunger. 

The findings showed an increase in stamina and fat burning effects in 70 percent of the mice. 

Stamina levels were tested in the mice before and after the drug was administered to see how long they could run without hitting their cardio ‘wall’.

Mice ran an average of 160 minutes without stopping before the trial and 270 minutes without stopping after the trial.  

Pharmaceutical companies have shown an interest in testing this new drug on humans since the cancerous side effects appear to be eliminated from the new formula.

If trials are approved, the drug industry could be one step closer to providing people with the ability to burn fat without working out.   

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