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Experts from Casino Secret explain everything you should know about online casino bonuses

Besides the fun and exciting experience that they offer when you gamble, the best thing about online casinos is the bonuses they offer. Online casinos offer plenty of bonuses these days. Whenever you see an ad from an online casino game provider, you’re bombarded with what seems the best bonus you could get. But, the experts from Casino Secret explain why not all bonuses are what they seem to be at first glance.

In this article, Casino Secret experts share everything any new and experienced gambler should know about online casino bonuses, from what they are, how they can help you get a better gambling experience, and how to choose the right bonuses for you. Keep reading below to find out more!

Online casino bonuses explained.

First things first, let’s make sure that you know what online casino bonuses are and the different types of them.

Online casinos offer various bonuses, which basically offer that is meant to attract you into playing and help you while doing that by providing you with some extra funds for it.

The most well-known online casino bonus is the signup bonus. Casino Secret also allows you to get the best bonus at casino secret when signing up. Most, if not all, other casinos online also offer signup bonuses. In other words, when you create an account on a provider’s website, you are offered a bonus. But we’ll discuss more on that later.

Why do online casinos offer them? Because it’s a strategy to attract and retain gamblers by encouraging them to play for real money.

Now, as mentioned above, there are many types of different online casino bonuses. More precisely:

Signup or welcome bonus

As the name suggests, welcome or signup bonuses are given to you when you first open an account with an online casino. All you have to do to get a welcome bonus is to register with the provider.

Deposit bonus

Obviously, deposit bonuses are given to you when you make a deposit. So, when you open an account on an online casino and make a deposit, the provider repays you with a bonus. Deposit bonuses can vary from an online casino to another. For example, some casinos may offer you a 50% bonus on the deposit you make. So, if you deposit 100$, the casino also offers you an extra 50$.

In other online casinos, the deposit bonus can represent a certain amount of money. In other words, no matter the amount of money you deposit, the casino provides you with a certain extra amount of money.

No deposit bonus

The opposite of deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses don’t require you to make a deposit to get them. Some online casinos don’t condition their rewards on your deposit. So, you’d get a no deposit bonus for free. However, with no deposit bonuses, there will always be specific terms and conditions attached to them. So, make sure you double-check what you are losing when accepting a no deposit bonus.

Free spins

Free spins are a type of bonus that slot lovers simply adore. They are a very common and pretty frequent type of casino bonus. Keep in mind that free spins usually need to be spent in a matter of days. So, keep an eye on the notifications from the online provider you’re gambling with.

Cashback bonuses

When you gamble for real money, sometimes you win, but sometimes you lose. That’s the way things work with gambling. Well, this type of casino bonus is precisely designed to help you out a little bit when you lose your money. In other words, cashback bonuses help cover a part of your losses.

Loyalty bonuses

As the name suggests, loyalty bonuses are specially designed for loyal gamblers who play with the same provider for a long time. Online casinos, like all brands, want to repay their loyal customers. So, loyalty bonuses are offered to gamblers who are loyal to a particular provider.

Why should you care about casino bonuses?

Now you know what casino bonuses are and the different types of them. But you’re likely wondering why you should care and pay so much attention to casino bonuses when gambling online. Well, you’ll find the answer here.

Casino bonuses are pretty much like any other offer you receive from a brand that sells products or services. These offers are designed and offered to help you have a better experience with the brand.

In the case of casino bonuses, they are meant to help you play and enjoy the experience without worrying about your funds. Besides that, especially deposit and welcome bonuses are offered to give you a fresh start with a provider when you are a novice gambler.

Sure, online casino game providers offer these bonuses to attract you into playing on their website and keep you engaged. However, casino bonuses are by no means something bad. Quite the contrary, they helped novice and experienced players to keep on gambling and enjoying it.

How to choose the best casino bonuses?

Are you interested in claiming all casino bonuses? That’s great! Yet, you should pay attention to how to choose the best casino bonuses! Here are a few tips from the experts from Casino Secret:

Choose bonuses that actually help

Certain bonuses are better suited for being used for specific games. For example, Casino Secret’s bonus for Blackjack is, obviously, better suited for players who enjoy playing Blackjack on the provider’s website. Another example is the free spins that are a type of casino designed for slot players.

Check the online casino

Don’t just choose an online provider based on the offers they give you. the bonuses may seem great and really advantageous, but they can hide plenty of problems. The online casino may not be reliable, it may not have a good website, or it has very few game options available. So, always check the provider before “falling” for a bonus offer.

Check the fine writing

Find out that all types of bonuses have a different playthrough requirement. This means that underneath all bonuses, there’s fine writing explaining certain terms and requirements for using the prize or cashing it out. Make sure you always read the fine writing before accepting a bonus.