Experts talking about the online casino – what they expect to change in the slots industry in 2021

If there’s a constant in a gambler’s life, that is change. Change is a constant in a gambler’s life because it implies development. All professional gamblers need to change their habits and actions to improve their skills and acquire knowledge that helps them evolve. Considering that technology impacts all aspects of online gambling, change is a daily occurrence because as technology advances and develops, so does online gambling and slots.

As you usher in 2021, you have great expectations from the slots industry and wait with excitmenet for the trends to improve your experience. You hope that the latest trends in the slots sector will shape the industry, provide you with new payment options, and introduce new games.

If you are looking forward to discovering the latest improvements in the online casino world, check the newest slot games vera and john casino added to their library because they are coming up with new themes annually. There are a couple of areas where developments are already showing in the overall slots industry.

Better casino bonuses

When you register on an online casino to play slots, you check the bonuses because you want to ensure the provider has the best offers in the industry. At present, free spins and no deposit bonuses are the most popular in the industry, and all slot gamblers are looking for them. But if you play on vera and john casino, you will notice that they also have other bonuses that help you increase the winning chances. You can be lavished with many more rewards if you register with a reliable provider like Vera and John Casino. 2021 is expected to bring many more bonuses types that will improve your gambling experience.

Experts in the industry expect in 2021 to witness an explosion of bonuses that make the slots playing experience more thrilling and retain you for more extended periods on the website.

Mobile gaming

The fantastic part about playing slots in an online casino is that you can install an app on your mobile device and have fun no matter where you are. Mobile gaming allows you to play slots in the comfort of your house at any hour. Technological development and advancement aren’t stopping in 2021; in fact, experts talking about online casino predict that this year will bring an increase in the adoption of mobile gambling because more and more gamblers want to use their mobile devices to access their favourite slots games. Since the last year’s events forced people to spend more time at home, mobile gaming adoption has surged, and it’s expected the trend to continue to impact the market in the following months. In 2020, there was an increase in the number of online slots, which is expected to continue to grow in the next years.

The HTML 5 technology made this trend possible because it allowed slots developers to create games people can play on their smartphones without visiting a land-based venue or staying attached to their desktop computer. Many online casinos have mobile applications to allow their clients to access their favourite slots games from whatever device they find more comfortable.

Improved security

You want to play slots comfortably from your house using your mobile devices. Still, you also want to stay safe when you access the online casino because you know all internet users are possible targets for cybercriminals.

In 2021 slots games providers will invest extra effort and resources into improving security because they want to keep their clients safe when they browse the internet. As you may have noticed, online providers like vera and john casino have adopted top-notched security technologies to protect you from hackers. The latest technology uses artificial intelligence to identify suspicious IP addresses, threats, or malicious files that may interfere with the players’ experience.

Using artificial intelligence to boost security isn’t something new because a great number of websites already included the technology into their protocols to detect issues within seconds and help their security departments neutralise the threats before they impact the gamblers.

When you register on a reliable casino’s website, you don’t have to worry about sharing your personal details and bank account information because their security protocols encrypt your data and protect you from cybercriminals.

Virtual reality

With the present measures asking people to isolate themselves at home, some may have started to miss the entertainment and excitement they experienced in land-based venues. To help them deal with this struggle, some casino providers have integrated virtual reality technology in their services to provide people with a similar experience. Virtual reality has entered the gambling industry for a couple of years. Still, it’s projected to register a surge in the following years because the technology’s developers have brought some improvements lately, making it more accessible and affordable. Even if some projects are in their early stages, they’re expected to break even until the end of 2021.

When you enter a VR powered casino, you feel like you’re playing slot games in a real brick-and-mortar venue because the VR device tricks your brain into thinking you’re in a real casino.

Slot machine upgrades for land-based slot parlours

Land-based casinos are expected to open in the following months, in case they didn’t do it already, and if you enter one, you may notice that the slot machines are upgraded. Operators took advantage of the break to improve the machines and ensure their features meet the younger generation’s preferences. Slot machines have always integrated a skill element, but the upgraded versions are expected to include features that make them look more like gaming consoles and video gaming devices because the younger generations are simply obsessed with these devices.

The casinos that want to stand out in the market and attract new clients will update their casino devices and technology. The current casino industry trends promote the adoption of technology in all domains. Therefore, the upgrades you will see in the slots industry in the following months are designed to support continuous gaming.