Explainer Videos and Their Benefits To Consumers

Consumers have one thing in mind; seeking solutions to their problems. Therefore, the internet has become a go-to resource for this purpose. It is the single place where companies and consumers come face to face to determine whether or not they are a perfect fit for each other.

Consumers do this by searching for visual representations for the products and services that they desire.

On the other hand, companies provide these visual representations through explainer videos. These are short online videos often placed on a company’s landing page to advertise its business offerings.

Here are the benefits of explainer videos to consumers:

They show a problem and a solution

Consumers seek out the products and services that will address their pain points. So, why not illustrate these points on video and show them exactly how your company or service is willing to meet their needs? This is incredibly valuable when it comes to securing a higher conversion rate.

They are useful for new and old consumers alike

The primary function of an explainer video is to reach new consumers. However, these videos can also be useful for established customers, most especially if your products and services come with a learning curve.

The videos can be a tutorial for consumers across the board. As the world continues to embrace visual learning, you will be able to keep your audience’s attention for a longer period and make what you have to say easy to understand.

They get to the point quickly

A long video is tedious to watch and may even discourage consumers from viewing it to the end. However, explainer videos are shorter. They get straight to the point and help consumers make a decision rather quickly.

And as a majority of customers are looking to discover information quickly, they do not want to spend long hours finding the information that they are seeking.

They make consumers feel like they are part of the company culture

Explainer videos promote company culture. They make consumers feel valued, appreciated, and most importantly, feel like they are part of the family.

No matter how you infuse these videos, they will build trust and credibility between the company and its consumers. They will get right through to the people that you want to reach.

They evoke emotion

Video is a great medium because it elicits strong emotions. It will help consumers connect to your brand story emotionally.

The voice-over part of the video introduces an inherently familiar aspect and creates an inevitable connection with the consumers. As for the music, it influences the consumers’ mood in the best possible way.

The Takeaway

Explainer videos will cater to your marketing efforts while keeping your consumers happy and connected to your company.

The good news is that you do not have to develop these videos yourself; by contacting a professional explainer video company, you will end up with a video that best represents your brand. Adapt this marketing strategy and your sales will skyrocket in the shortest possible time.