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Growing translation industry welcomes new player, Linguation.com

The translation service industry is one of the fastest growing sectors worldwide, largely due to increased globalization, with more and more companies operating in foreign markets.

Linguation.com is an upcoming online translation agency entering the market at a time when businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the advantages of localizing their marketing documents and websites for foreign markets. Localization is about ensuring that content matches the cultural and linguistic expectations of the target audience and is important if a business wants to operate successfully in other countries. For this a translator needs more than just linguistic expertise; a translator needs current knowledge of the relevant local culture.

Linguation.com has a team of translators across the world and always selects a translator with the appropriate cultural knowledge to ensure that relevant marketing documents are completely localized, with a natural, familiar feel to the target audience. Moreover, Linguation.com deploys professionals who have the relevant skills and expertise in marketing, which is particularly important when it comes to advertising.

“It is not easy to find a translation service that has such expertise.” E. Diekmann

Linguation.com already has an established customer base but is looking to extend this by launching its website and online system in additional languages – Russian, French and Spanish – making their services more accessible to people in other countries.

More information about marketing translation services at Linguation.com can be found here: https://www.linguation.com/en/marketing-translation

Linguation.com provides translation services in a range of further areas, including legal, business, marketing, technical, academic and certified translation. Linguation.com will deploy a translator with the relevant expertise to your document. Linguation.com provides translation services to businesses whatever the size and can meet personal translation requirements.

About Linguation.com

Linguation.com is an online translation agency based in Munich, Germany, offering a quick and easy process for professional translation. The agency is able to offer translation in a vast number of language combinations and in numerous specialist fields.

More information can be found here: https://www.linguation.com/en/