Extend your Study Permit in Canada

Don’t let your Study Permit expire when you’re in Canada. It is one of the most important documents issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada for international students. Keep track of the expiry date and make sure you renew your Study Permit at least 60-90 days before the expiry date. Apply for the renewal within Canada.

Moreover, you also need to know that you cannot extend your Study Permit beyond your passport’s expiry date. So be careful about your passport first and then your Study Permit when you’re in Canada.

In this article, we’ll be shedding some light on top questions that probably students when studying in Canada:

When to Extend your Study Permit

Ideally, you should apply to extend your permit at least 30 days before it lapses. Make sure your passport’s expiry doesn’t have an expiry date at the same time because you can’t extend your Study Permit then.

Steps you need to take when your study permit expires

Your study permit will expire on the date recorded on the permit or 90 days after the day you finish your studies, whichever comes initially.

The 90 days begin

  • on the date, you get the initial notification from your school in the form of a letter, or an email, etc. that you finished your program or
  • when you receive your diploma, degree, or certificate

If you can’t show your school’s course first, the Canadian government will use the document’s most immediate issue date. We may need to verify this date with your school.

If you want to keep studying, you must apply to extend your study permit at least 30 days before your permit lapses.

What to do if Study Permit expires

You had mislaid your student status if you’re still in Canada, and the expiry date of your permit passed before you applied, be it for a new study permit, or a work permit, or to stay in Canada as a visitor. The government will consider you as a person who didn’t respect the circumstances of the permit

In some instances, you may apply to renew your status as a student. To apply, you must

  • submit your application within 90 days of losing your status
  • keep meeting the requirements for your stay
  • have completed all the conditions listed on your permit, and
  • pay your fees
  • restoration fee
  • study permit

How can you renew the study permit being in Canada?

Many people must apply online to extend their study permit from within Canada. You should apply to extend your study permit before your existing permit expires.

If your study permit has previously expired and you need to renew it and restore your status as a student and extend your study permit, then apply for the same within 90 days of losing it. If you don’t, you must leave for Canada.

You can’t extend your studies until the government restores your status as a student in Canada and extend your study permit.

Steps to apply for Study Permit in Canada

Extending/Renewing your Study Permit

If you apply online, you will reply to a questionnaire, create personal checklist regulations, sign up/log into MYCIC account and automatically see a record of the needed application form and documents you have to submit.


Applying on paper

If you are applying on paper, ensure to finish the document checklist and application form and supporting documents. The instruction guide assists with how to fill out the application and submit supporting documents.

Processing Times

While moving ahead, check the processing times by the CIC office inside Canada. It is updated every week. If your application is authorized, your Study Permit will be mailed to you at the mailing address you gave to CIC.


For this process, you need to pay $150.

Application Tips

UCI: also acknowledged as “Client ID,” appears on your Study & Work Permit if you already have one.

Valid passport: If your passport expiration is near, renew it six months in advance of the expiry

Document Number: Begins with a letter F or U followed by nine numbers on study/work permits.

Proof of financial support: You will have to show you can cover the expense of one year in Canada, including school tuition plus CAD 10,000, by submitting a bank statement, bank draft, savings account passbook or other proof that shows you have enough funds. If a family member or an institution funds you, include their letter of support and the evidence of adequate funds in their names. You need to prove an extra $4000 for your spouse and $3000 for each new dependent if accompanying you to Canada.

Letter of Acceptance: Returning international students must provide a Letter of Enrollment/registration from the Office of Registrar authenticating their status at the University. After that, Submit the Letter Request Form to have the application ready to pick up or be posted to you. Only students from a Canadian high school or shifting from another university must present a letter of acceptance.

Proof of Medical Exam (if applicable): It is essential to provide proof of medical exam only if:

You have had a medical exam conducted by a CIC authorized panel physician (doctor) within the last 12 months or

You have lived in a selected country for more than six months between 12 months.

Apply for Co-op Work Permit

If you are studying in Canada and applied to a co-op program, you can ask for or extend your co-op work permit along with a study permit extension (if it is about to lapse), with one application form.

Implied Status

Suppose, if you apply to extend your study permit prior to the expiry date, you have designated status as long as you reside in Canada. You may continue to study or work on/off-campus (if qualified) in Canada until you get your renewed study permit.

Restoration of Status

Suppose you don’t apply to extend your study permit prior to the expiry date. In that matter, you must stop studying and working quickly and see the Immigration Advisor at the International Student Centre (ISC) for support.

You may apply to renew your status within 90 days of losing it from within Canada. There is no assurity that your application to restore your status will be trusted. You cannot leave the nation till you hear from CIC about the decision made on your request. The processing time differs and can take several months.

If you haven’t applied for the restoration of a study permit and more than 90 days have passed from the expiry date, you have to move from the country to yours and apply for a new study permit from your resident nation.

Study Permit and Compliance with the Conditions

All study permit owners in Canada are obliged to pursue studies, meaning that you must continue enrolled and make feasible and appropriate progress towards completing your program. Neglecting to do so could lead to your departure from Canada.

Your study permit becomes unreasonable 90 days after you finish your studies. Your program is considered concluded when you accept written confirmation of program end from the Registrar Office.

Transferring to U of T from Another Canadian Post-Secondary Institution

If you have a legitimate study permit for post-secondary education, you can transfer between programs and organizations without applying for a new study permit. But, you must inform CIC via their MyCIC account when shifting between designated learning institutions.

After Completion of your Study

There is plenty of option to get residency in Canada. What the main category is Express entry and sub-categories are Canadian Experience Class (CEC) and Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). The final step is for getting Canadian residency is to get selected in Express Entry Draw.


Regulated Immigration consultants are spread all across Canada. Big Cities are flooded with Regulated Immigration consultants. For example, an immigration consultant in Brampton, Vancouver, Montreal, etc. Use their advice to apply for PR and immigration.