Facebook Ads billing using Virtual Card

Social media platforms are not only means of connecting people from different corners of the world but they also serve as marketing network to expand one’s business online. There are several ways from you can do digital marketing of your product such as Facebook ads, Instagram promotion, WhatsApp, etc. One of the efficient and great ways to reach your targeted audience is through Facebook advertisement. Facebook ads offer extensive targeting options to online entrepreneurs.

About Facebook Ads

Whether you are beginning your business or you have already established business, Facebook advertising will help you generate genuine audiences in any niche. You can promote your product among more than 1.5 billion users around the world. You cannot only reach people just by location, gender, and age but it will assist you in grabbing their attention by interests, life events, behaviors, etc. Moreover, you can make your advertisement effectively and inviting while using various Facebook advertising tools such as text posts, photos & albums, events, events, offers, or linking your website, etc. Hence, Facebook Ads are an incredible tool for e-commerce marketing.

How to do Facebook ads billing using Virtual Card?

Well, there are ways of doing Facebook ads billing like linking your credit or debit card details to the account. Though, some credit cards and debit cards are not capable of international shopping and transactions. Moreover, most of them are not in compliance with the policies of Facebook. In such conditions, Facebook rejects the account of the advertiser. Therefore, you cannot use that card again for future payments. This is where the Virtual Credit Card works perfectly fine according to the policies of Facebook. Plus, these cards support every international transaction. These cards work anonymously and reinforce each and every name, address, and IP address.

How to get a Facebook Ads billing Virtual Card?

To say Facebook Ads billing as simple as getting a subscription of any entertainment websites like Netflix, Hulu, or else. The website getvirtualcard.com offers the fastest and hassle-free payment Virtual Card. To help you get a Virtual card for Facebook ads billing, below I have simplified the process in easy steps.

  • First of all, go to the website getvirtualcard.com.
  • Then click on the shop from menu, there you will find Facebook Ads billing Virtual Card among various other options.
  • Now click on the desired card for yourself. This is specifically designed for Facebook ads billing however for multifarious shopping cards you can also check Virtual Prepaid Credit Card.
  • Thereupon, select the card balance, however for some cards balance is already selected.
  • Next, just add the card to your cart.
  • Make a payment through PayPal, Skrill, Perfect Money or Bitcoin. Whatever option suits you.
  • As soon as the payment will be received, it will process the Facebook Ads Billing Virtual Card for you.

And there you have it, your Virtual Card for Facebook Ads Billing on to your Email within 6-8 hours.

Benefits of Virtual Card

As I have already told you that sometimes your credit card or debit card might not adaptable to Facebook policies. As Virtual Card is a one-time card that provides temporary card number, expiry date, and CVV number that are picked randomly. These cards work anonymously while helping you escape from revealing your actual card details. Hence, offers a safe and hassle-free payment method. Moreover, the Virtual Card is globally accepted and it fulfills Facebook guidelines. As through usual credit card, Facebook does not allow one account per user. But when you use Virtual Card Facebook can’t be able to recognize your identity. Hence, you can perform Facebook ads billing with this amazing Virtual card easily which you can get from the website mentioned above.


Once you got your online market ready to be available to online users, you would need a platform where you can gather intended audiences. As now you know that Facebook advertising is an amazing e-commerce platform for turning specific attention to your product. Moreover, it provides paid promotions through ads and offers cheaper and affordable means compared to other ways of advertising. And there is a perfect option for Facebook ads billing which is a Virtual Card that supports each and every international transaction. These cards are unique and can be processed through any name, address, and IP address.