Factors to check when you register to an online casino in the Netherlands

Unlike many European countries, the Netherlands has always been a liberal country. But similar to many other states, it has always had a strict restriction on online gambling. However, online gambling was never considered illegal, so the Dutch residents could visit online casinos.

But the government restricted gambling freedom because people could legally visit only websites hosted in the Netherlands. However, this is about to change because the authorities announced that they plan to regulate online gambling to make it a legal practice.

The Netherlands’ government published the secondary gambling regulations to detail the Remote Gaming Act’s measures, including adding a ban on using sports teams in an advertisement, even if casinos are allowed to sponsor them.

The Dutch government provided these new regulations to establish which gambling activities are allowed in the Netherlands when the legalization takes place in the autumn. The first versions forbade casinos to hire high-performing athletes to advertise their services because young and easily influenceable people could see them as role models.

The latest version also added non-sports celebrities because they can also influence young people. During some consultations, it was concluded that sports teams could also be seen as role models for minors, and they were also included in the ban, even if casino providers can sponsor them.

The government is aware that some of the operators acting in the iGaming market in Holland may find these bans concerning; the protection of young players is more important.

If you’re a fan of casino games, you probably visited an online gambling platform before, so you should know what features you seek in one. However, considering that the Dutch authorities will provide licenses for a great number of online casinos, it may be overwhelming to pick the right one for your needs.

So if you’re afraid that it will be challenging to pick the perfect one, you are in the right place because this list of factors can help you find the one that better fits your needs. If you reside in the Netherlands and want to play casino games online, you may want to know what factors to check when the operators receive their licenses. This article can help you.

Welcome bonus

Before signing up for an online casino in the iGaming market in Holland, check their new player bonus. When you join a gambling platform with a generous casino bonus and other tips, you’ll start playing your favourite games without wasting your budget. Most online casinos that will get licenses to provide their services to the Dutch public will probably offer attractive welcome bonuses to attract new players to register.

Some casinos that offer casino bonus and other tips often match your initial deposit and give you free spins. Let’s say that you deposit $100; the casino will provide you with another $100 you can use to play casino games and some free spins. However, before you sign up with a casino that provides great welcome bonuses, read and understand the welcome bonus terms.

Range of games

The diversity of online casino games is another important factor to consider when searching for online casinos. You probably have a list of favourite games, so look for them when you check the website. Most casinos allow you to browse through their platforms without signing up and depositing money.

Ensure that you browse through the list and find the games you like before making the first deposit. Some casinos focus more on slot games, while others are more inclined towards table games. Search the internet to find out which one from the casinos the Dutch authorities license provides the category of games you prefer.


Playing in an online casino implies depositing and withdrawing money, so security is one of the major concerns when searching for one. The gambling authorities in the Netherlands stated that they will ensure that all casinos they license put their clients’ security first, but it’s best to check by yourself the security measures they have in place.

It’s advisable to sign up on a website known in the iGaming market in Holland to guarantee your financial information’s safety and privacy. The gambling platform should protect the sensitive information you provide when you create an account.

You should deposit money only on a website protected with an SSL certificate because it indicates that the website protects your information and verifies the user identity when signing up to ensure that they are the legal age to play casino games.

Payment methods

The payment methods differ from a casino to another, so it’s best to check them before you register on a platform. Besides the casino bonus and other tips, the payment methods can influence your gambling experience, so don’t neglect them. It’s expected most casinos that receive licenses to offer payment methods convenient for Dutch players.

However, considering that cryptocurrencies took fame lately, you should pick a casino that implements its usage on the platform. However, make sure that the casino doesn’t accept only Bitcoin because it’s the most popular cryptocurrency at the moment.

Banking options

Register on a platform that offers deposit and withdrawal options you can access. An online casino that provides you with a variety of banking options is ideal. However, if you have a payment method you prefer, check if the website supports it. And don’t forget to read the terms and conditions to find out how long it takes for your winnings to reach your account, what the minimum withdrawal is, and what options are available for withdrawing money.

Customer support

Customer support is necessary no matter what online platform you use because it allows you to enquire information about games and helps you solve any issue you may deal with. Most online casinos offer 24/7 customer service you can access through various methods, but it’s best to test it to determine if it meets your needs. Try to reach the casino via email, phone call, or live chat to see how responsive it is and if the experts can provide you with valuable information.

Here are the factors that can impact your gambling experience in a Dutch online casino, so make sure to consider them when you’re searching for one.