Fairfield West, Sydney: Covid anti-vaxxer claims doctor banished unvaccinated from surgery

Furious anti-vaxxer accuses a medical centre of BANNING the un-jabbed from entering and shares confronting footage of them forced to sit outside in small Covid-19 booths – but doctors hit back

  • Video online shows outdoor waiting area at a Fairfield, Sydney medical centre
  • The video’s narrator claimed unvaxxed patients could only be treated outside
  • Angry anti-vaxxer raged on TikTok at the treatment of unvaccinated people 

A furious patient claims he was forced to wait outside a medical centre in a makeshift plastic booth after the practice banned him from coming inside because he wasn’t vaccinated against Covid.

A video shared on TikTok showed a plastic tarp and fabric-covered dividers with chairs in between outside the entrance to the Fairfield West Medical Centre in Sydney’s west.

Fairfield was one of Sydney’s major Covid hotspots at the height of this year’s Delta outbreak. 

‘This is the doctor’s offices now for the unvaccinated people, as I got told on the phone when I made my appointment,’ the man behind the camera said.

‘It’s outside. Very professional. This is the Australian medical system. What a joke, It’s an embarrassment.’

The 30-second clip sparked a heated debate on TikTok about how unvaccinated residents were being treated as NSW emerges from lockdown.  

Those who haven’t received both Covid jabs in NSW are banned from visiting cafes, bars and restaurants until December 1.

‘Why are the vaccinated scared of the unvaccinated?’ one commenter said underneath the video. 

Another bizarrely claimed it was an example of ‘medical apartheid’. 

Many social media users though thought the idea of an outdoor waiting area looked like ‘a good idea’ and applauded the centre for accommodating unvaxed people.

The waiting area was at the doorstep of the Fairfield West Medical Centre, which Daily Mail Australia approached for comment

Anti-vaxxers have raged at a video showing an outdoor treatment area at a medical centre they believe was created to keep unvaccinated people outside while vaccinated people were allowed in 

One woman pointed out the irony of attending a healthcare facility for medical help during a pandemic and expecting to be welcomed inside despite being unvaccinated.

‘So you want their help but you won’t help them by getting vaccinated? This is why people say you are selfish. Don’t you get it?’ she wrote. 

NSW Chair of the The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) Dr Charlotte Hespe told Daily Mail Australia the measure was reasonable and not just for unvaccinated patients.

‘A lot of practices will have patients waiting outdoors in a covered area or their cars,’ Dr Hespe said.

‘It’s all about having safe strategies where people are at the least likely hood of infecting others if they do have covid without realising it.’ 

Dr Hespe said it doesn’t matter about the patient’s vaccination status and that it’s all about reducing the risk of transmission in doctor’s waiting rooms. 

Fairfield West Medical Centre. Fairfield was one of Sydney's major Covid hotspots at the height of the Delta outbreak in mid-2021

Fairfield West Medical Centre. Fairfield was one of Sydney’s major Covid hotspots at the height of the Delta outbreak in mid-2021

‘We have taken a view it doesn’t matter if you’re vaccinated or unvaccinated you’re still at risk of having covid without knowing, so therefore it’s about protecting everybody,’ she said.

There is currently no policy in place requesting GP’s separate vaccinated and unvaccinated patients but Dr Hespe believes everyone should be treated the same.

‘There is no encouragement to separate patients out in terms of access to care,’ she said.

‘I am aware there are some individuals who have been putting out policies around that but that’s their individual response certainly not a recommendation from the RACGP or the AMA.’ 

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Fairfield West Medical Centre for comment. 

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