Famous athletes who wore glasses while playing

Most of the sportsperson have perfect eyesight. In fact, perfect eyesight aids them to perform better in sports. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any athlete or famous player that wears glasses while they play.

Billie Jean King, the champion of the Battle of Sexes wears glasses. She has worn them on the court, won plenty of titles to her name, and is still fabulous. She is a source of inspiration for many.

When we talk about sportspeople, you can easily think of Michael Jordan the legendary basketball player, Usain Bolt, Serena Williams, the list just goes on. And even if some of them have some eye defect or condition, it cannot stop them from pursuing their dreams.

Here are some sources of inspiration to tell you you can play your favorite sports despite your weak eyesight. If you have a strong resolve nothing can stop you, just put on high-quality sports glasses, and you can take the first step towards your dream.

All Blacks Rugby player Ardie Savea

Rugby is a rough sport. Players tackle the opponent and secure the goal. It is quite easy to get injured in this game. Ardie Savea, a flanker for the New Zealand team, suffered injuries while playing the game. He recovered from his injury and got back to the game.

He has to start wearing protective goggles because of vision deterioration in his left eye. He is the first player ever in Rugby to wear sports glasses while playing the game.

Legendary Footballer Edgar Davids

Edgar Davids suffers from glaucoma. He had to wear prescription sunglasses in his matches to protect his eyesight. Glasses didn’t stop Davids. He played very well throughout his career.

His image in dreadlocks and strapped sports glasses running in the field is still famous. He is a source of inspiration for football fans and enthusiasts.

Chicago Bulls Horace Grant

Horace Grant is an inspiration for eyeglasses wearers. He started wearing glasses on the court after being diagnosed with myopia. He got Lasik surgery to improve his vision. However, he continued wearing sports glasses to inspire children who wear eyeglasses.

Basketball player Dwyane Wade

NBA shooting guard Dwyane Wade is an inspiration. He didn’t grow up in most ideal family situations. He was directed on the right path and made a name for himself.

He suffered multiple injuries throughout his career as is common in sports. He brought home gold and bronze medals in the Olympics. Now he is retired. He suffers from migraines which made him wear glasses.

Lakers Anthony Davis

The famous basketball player, Anthony was first spotted rocking protective goggles on the court in July 2020. But, some people may not know it but glasses aren’t new to Anthony given the fact that he used to wear prescription glasses in his childhood.

Not only do his goggles make him look cooler but they also kind of give him an alter ego that makes him much more recognizable.

Whether he’s going to stick to his glasses or not, every basketball player should wear safety goggles to prevent eye-related injuries on the court.

Skyhook Kareem Abdul Jabbar

The legendary basketball player who made the skyhook move is not just famous for his playing style but also for his trademark goggles. He began wearing glasses after suffering a corneal injury. In sports, eye injury is the most common injury.

He didn’t stop playing basketball. He wore glasses to protect his eyes and perfected his game even more. The seven-foot-tall player is the number 2 greatest basketball player after Michael Jordan.

Edwin Moses

Edwin Moses is a former American track and field athlete. You may also know him as the man who won gold medals in the 1976 and 1984 Olympics in the 400 m hurdles. The man was undefeated in 122 consecutive races.

Apart from his history-making sports talent, he is also best known for his trademark sunglasses that he used to wear in his matches. His sunglasses made him look like a rockstar on the field.

But, he was not always athletic as his wife said in an interview that he used to be a skinny kid with glasses who was also the smartest in the class.

Sprinter Ato Boldon

Trinidad and Tobago athlete Ato Boldon brought home many medals in Olympics, commonwealth games, and many other world championships. Now he is a senate member. He wears glasses in the track field and that has nothing to do with his vision. Boldon wears glasses for fashion. They don’t pose any hindrance when he is sprinting.

Eric Dickerson

Hall of fame Eric Dickerson had a successful NFL career for 11 years. But there’s something else that used to set him apart from everybody else on the field and that was his famous goggles.

When asked whether the goggles are for vision or for style, he said that he’s blind as a bat and needs glasses to see clearly. He also said that he tried wearing contact lenses but gave up as they could easily pop out when hit in the face.


Vision impairment shouldn’t hold you back from achieving your dreams. Sportsmen with vision impairment should consider wearing sports glasses. And even when you don’t need vision correction, you should use safety goggles to bring down the risk of eye-related injuries on the field.