FAN VIEW: Tottenham will become joyless under Jose Mourinho

FAN VIEW: How could you Daniel Levy? Tottenham will become joyless under Jose Mourinho

How could it come to this? How could Spurs dump the best manager we’ve had since Bill Nicholson less than six months after we reached the Champions League final and replace him with the antithesis of everything we are supposed to stand for?

As Patrick Collins, once of this parish, said on Twitter: ‘Daniel Levy has sacked a gifted visionary in Mauricio Pochettino and replaced him with a cynical poseur. It will, of course, end in tears but Mourinho will leave with his pockets full. As he always does.’

Spot on. Yes, I know things haven’t been right with Poch for more than a year. He made that clear with those negative comments last summer.

Many fans feel Tottenham sacked the best manager they’ve ever had in Mauricio Pochettino

But whose fault is that? Who found the manager he had always wanted, saw him punch above his weight to turn us into Champions League regulars while making young players better, then refused to give him the backing to put us among the very best in the Premier League?

It is the chairman. Levy has hugely frustrated me over the years but even I had to eat humble pie when he gave us the best stadium in the world, not to mention one of the best training facilities.

Jose Mourinho has immediately replace Pochettino and negative connotations have followed

Jose Mourinho has immediately replace Pochettino and negative connotations have followed

But he has let us down hugely now. What’s the point in having the best ground but letting the team stagnate?

Not long ago, Spurs were much better than Liverpool. So what did the Anfield club do? They went and bought the best available players in their two weakest areas, goalkeeper and centre back. 

Then they became European champions and Premier League winners-elect. We ruined it all by not seizing our moment. How Spursy.

Tottenham will be a joyless, confrontational place under Mourinho. There is no way he will get along with Levy.

His methods are woefully out of date and his record in backing young, promising players is lamentable. Bayern Munich must look very attractive to Troy Parrott.

How could you, Daniel? How could you undo all the good work of the last five years? The best we can hope for is a short-term bounce with Mourinho keeping us in the top four before it inevitably goes wrong.

Then we might get the proper replacement for Poch, who will become a true great. I won’t begrudge him that. Just as long as it isn’t at Arsenal.