Fans fear Tyson Fury has GONE QUIET after Anthony Joshua accepted his terms for a December 3 fight

Fans fear that Tyson Fury has gone way too quiet, putting doubts over whether the heavyweight showdown with Anthony Joshua will be confirmed.

Joshua has accepted Fury’s terms for a pre-Christmas showdown that the public has wanted for so long but which seemed in danger of never happening.

A 60-40 purse split in favour of Fury as the WBC world heavyweight champion had already been agreed and now Joshua has compromised on a December 3 date for one of the biggest battles in UK boxing history.

Fans fear Tyson Fury has gone quiet after Anthony Joshua accepted his terms for a showdown

The deadly duo are set to meet at last under the retractable roof of Cardiff’s Principality Stadium.

Fury had suspended negotiations out of respect for global mourning following the death of the Queen, but Joshua has promoted further discussion by instructing his own management company, 258, to close the deal.   

‘258 and Matchroom Boxing can confirm, on behalf of Anthony Joshua, that we accepted all terms presented to us by Fury’s team for a fight Dec 3rd last Friday,’ 258 tweeted on Tuesday. Due to the Queen’s passing, it was agreed to halt all communication. We are awaiting a response.’

Joshua’s team quickly received one on Twitter from Fury’s promoter Frank Warren on Twitter, as he replied: ‘Contract will be with you very soon.’

Anthony Joshua's management team have revealed that Joshua has agreed to fight Tyson Fury

Anthony Joshua’s management team have revealed that Joshua has agreed to fight Tyson Fury

Since Joshua accepted the fight, it has however, been radio silence from The Gypsy King on social media, which is very unlike him.

Fans are seemingly concerned about the bout actually going ahead with Fury not posting since the latest news from Joshua. 

One fan said: ‘Fury will weasel his way out the fight. Let’s not forget he pretended he was onboard with the AJ fight and lied about not knowing of the Wilder arbitration. 

‘Btw he’s been quiet for days since AJ called his bluff, surely he isn’t gonna bottle it is he?.

A second said: ‘Tyson Fury has gone a bit quiet. It’s almost as if he thought Joshua wouldn’t take 40% Then he thought Joshua wouldn’t be ready for Dec 3 His scheduled fight against Charr has hit the sh**ter now. Absolute fraud.

A third posted: ‘That motor mouth Tyson Fury has gone quiet hasn’t he! Wasn’t expecting this was he – had a bin man lined up for December and would blame AJ for not stepping up. Had his pants pulled down here!

While another added: ‘Non stop videos from Fury and now reports that Joshua has accepted he’s gone quiet.’

More fans had concern over the potential fight while a few believe an announce is perhaps imminent, hence the silence.

One said: ‘Over to you Tyson Fury?! Don’t go quiet his accepted everything asked of him ? Or is there another stipulation?!

Another said: ‘In no way a AJ fan but Fury is awfully quiet today considering the news.

A third added: ‘Fury v AJ December 3rd, still think team fury wouldn’t have expected AJ to accept these terms, and he’s gone very quiet on social media now.

While one argued Fury’s case, by saying: ‘I’m not one for conspiracy theories, but the fact it’s all gone quiet on the AJ v Fury front to me means an announcement is imminent and nobody wants to let slip until there’s a joint announcement. 

‘Coupled with this new ranking for AJ, ITS HAPPENING.’

When Joshua was defeated by Oleksandr Usyk in their rematch last month, the Battle of Britain with Fury receded into doubt. 

But when Usyk begged for time out with his family and front-line comrades in Ukraine’s war with Russia before his inevitable fight with Fury for the undisputed world heavyweight title, the door came ajar.

Usyk is not fighting again in 2022, opening the door for Fury and Joshua to face each other

Usyk is not fighting again in 2022, opening the door for Fury and Joshua to face each other

Fury kicked it open as he saw the chance to double his money – think a hundred million spondoolicks or more – by fitting in this fight against Joshua before it became virtually irrelevant.

So he threw down the gauntlet which AJ picked up by going straight back into training. The winner takes all by proceeding to fight Usyk in the spring.

The scene is set with Fury coming out of momentary retirement and Joshua being spared the drudgery of smaller-hall fights in order to rebuild his career.

Usyk beat Joshua via unanimous decision to capture the heavyweight crowns at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium back in September, 2021.

Joshua has taken a leaf out of Usyk’s book by copying his brutal training regime.

Prior to the bout with Joshua last month, Usyk’s manager, Egis Kilmas, claimed the Ukrainian, 35, was swimming 10 kilometres in a swimming pool for five hours, a day before one of his press conferences with Joshua – something he has ‘never seen’.

And now Joshua has decided to accept the challenge from Egis Kilmas and hopped in a pool. Joshua wrote: ‘You know I love a challenge.’