Father says ex-wife hasn’t been punished over deadly crash

A furious father believes his seven-year-old daughter’s death was preventable and that his ex-wife still hasn’t been properly punished for the alleged drunken car crash that killed his little girl.

Victoria Zapalac died when the car being driven by her mother Jennifer Zapalac struck a tree and fence in Smithfield, Texas late one night in September 2015. 

At the time of the deadly crash, Jennifer already had a felony DWI case pending against her for allegedly driving under the influence with her child in the car. It was also the third time in three years she had been caught drunk driving. 

Crash reports from the time stated that Victoria was already dead when her mother fled the crash site with the little girl still in the backseat of the Chevrolet Suburban, the Statesman reports. 

Fled the scene: Jennifer Zapalac (left) left her daughter Victoria (right) behind after a car crash while under the influence of alcohol in September 2015

Jennifer was charged with intoxication manslaughter over the incident after her blood alcohol reading was more than twice the legal limit.

But due to a deal with prosecutors that was finalized in October this year, Jennifer avoided jail and was given 10 years probation in exchange for a guilty manslaughter plea.

However, just last week, Jennifer, now aged 51, was arrested again for violating the terms of her probation.

She was denied bail and will now face up to 20 years in prison.

Shawn Zapalac, who was married to Jennifer at the time of their daughter’s death, doesn’t believe she has been held properly accountable.

‘I believe my daughter’s death was in vain,’ he said. 

‘She died at seven. For what reason? She didn’t want to die.’

Answers: Victoria's father Shawn Zapalac believes his ex-wife should have received a stronger punishment 

Answers: Victoria’s father Shawn Zapalac believes his ex-wife should have received a stronger punishment 

Questions are now being raised about the probation deal made in Bastrop County given Jennifer’s prior history with drunk driving.

Travis County had dropped her prior drunk driving charge in May 2016.

If she had been convicted for that incident, her status as a convicted felon would have ruled out probation in Bastrop County in the case of her daughter’s death.

The earlier Travis County case was in relation to when police spotted her drifting over the center lane while driving in December 2013. 

While that case was still pending, she was accused of showing up drunk to a court assessment in 2015.

Jennifer had also failed to show up to another court date.

While she is yet to face court over her recent arrest, her ex-husband says he hopes the case ‘will inspire someone with alcohol problems to get help’. 

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