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Fathers are no longer teaching their children basic life skills like making a catapult

Fathers are no longer teaching their children life skills such as reading a map, riding a bike and pitching a tent, a poll suggests.

Children are also missing out on learning how to swim, catch a fish – and even how to make a good cup of tea.

More than two-thirds of the 1,000 fathers polled said their own father was more ‘hands on’ when it came to passing on life lessons.

More than two-thirds of the 1,000 fathers polled said their own father was more ‘hands on’ in teaching vital skills 

Three in ten fathers admitted they have never shown their children how to tie a tie, while 29 per cent have never demonstrated how to buff and polish a pair of shoes.

The survey also found that 60 per cent of children would rather play computer games than venture outdoors. 

Most fathers said they plan to switch off the TV, unplug the games console, hide the tablets and laptops and get their children outside this summer.

Ed Burgass of Fishing TV, which commissioned the study, said: ‘The survey has revealed some really interesting insights into the things we teach – and more importantly don’t teach – our children.

‘As the study has shown, families are no longer fishing together like they once did. As a child, I went fishing with my father regularly and some of my fondest memories are from the river bank.’ 

For two-fifths of fathers, the problem seems to be time – they said they are simply too busy to teach their children these skills.

But more than four-fifths of those polled said they would love to spend more time with their children doing outdoor activities – and that isn’t always for lack of trying.

Six in ten fathers said they would struggle to get their children away from the games console and out of the house.

And more than a third of today’s children have never been camping, the poll found. Around half of the fathers said they often row with their partner over the lack of time their children spend outdoors.

Three in ten fathers said they have tried to get their children interested in the same pastimes that they enjoyed when they were young – but to no avail.