FIFA 18 versus PES 2018 Graphics comparison who wins?

The yearly debate between fans over whether PES or FIFA is the better football game is raging once again, and graphics are one of the most hotly contested topics as usual.

PES has vastly stepped up its game in the past few years, and now it’s often a toss-up between the two games for which looks the best. In fact, some players look better in Konami’s PES 2018, while other players look better in EA Sports’ FIFA 18.

To decide, we’ve lined up some screenshots of 10 of football’s top stars from each of the games, and reached a conclusion about which game has the better graphics. For the images below, FIFA is on the left, and PES is on the right.

PES also has a strong depiction of Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is looking good in FIFA 18, as you would expect from the game’s cover star

Ronaldo, currently best player in the world, is on the cover of FIFA 18 this year, so you know EA Sports has done all it can to make the Portuguese look as good as possible. Ronaldo went through extensive motion capture sessions to get all of his movements and mannerisms into the game.

Lionel Messi has a few nicer details in FIFA

The Barcelona star still looks good in PES

Lionel Messi is also looking impressive in FIFA 18, he has been on the cover many times before

As for the man challenging for Ronaldo’s crown, Lionel Messi also plays a big part in FIFA. He’s been on the cover a number of times too, and the details on Messi’s face and his beard are tough to match.

Suarez doesn't look quite as good in FIFA 18

Luis Suarez is on the cover of PES this year

Luis Suarez looks really good in PES 2018, and that’ll be because he’s on the game’s front cover

PES has its own cover star though, and Luis Suarez looks great in this year’s game. PES’s sweat tech in particular is impressive, despite being an odd thing to be impressed by, and Suarez’s sweaty forehead takes the win here.

The world's most expensive player in FIFA

Neymar is rocking a messy haircut in PES

Neymar is the world’s most expensive player, and he looks great in both FIFA 18 and PES 2018

We can’t talk about football without mentioning the world’s most expensive player. Neymar has a strong showing in both games, but we think his hair looks a too messy in PES. FIFA shows off Neymar’s grooming habits much better.

Pogba is one of FIFA's best looking players

PES hasn't captured the Frenchman quite as well

Paul Pogba’s depiction in FIFA 18 this year is really accurate, and he’s one of the

Of the players in this list, Paul Pogba’s likeness in FIFA 18 is one of the best. His ever changing hair style is tough to keep track of, but both games have done a good job of recreating Pogba’s recent cuts. FIFA’s facial features are just that little bit better.

Kane isn't too impressive in FIFA or PES 18

The Spurs striker looks better in PES though

Spurs striker Harry Kane deserves better representation that he’s currently got in both games

Harry Kane is one of England’s top strikers right now, so it’s disappointing to see neither game has quite done him justice this year. His depiction in PES is preferable thanks to a better beard, and eyes which do a better job of bringing him to life.

Lukaku's likeness hasn't been captured well

He'll have to wait a year for a better picture

Romelu Lukaku doesn’t look great in FIFA or PES either, the new Man U striker deserves more

Again, Romelu Lukaku’s face is lacking in both games, and given his incredible start to the season, you’d expect better. If he continues like this, maybe he could be the cover star of one of these games a few years down the line. FIFA has a better version of Manchester United’s new goal machine this year.

It's a tough choice between PES and FIFA

Hazard has a couple of extra details in PES

It’s hard to choose between FIFA and PES for the best representation of Eden Hazard this year

Eden Hazard looks great in both PES and FIFA this year, and it’s a hard choice between the two. The Chelsea man’s beard and face are both impressive, but we think PES has recreated his furrowed brow quite nicely.

FIFA has added Griezmann's red headband

Griezmann looks great in both FIFA and PES

Antoine Griezmann hair and facial expressions look good in both games, another tough choice

Another tough choice is between PES and FIFA’s version of Atletico Madrid striker Antoine Griezmann. His face and hair look good, and both games have captured his thumb-based goal celebration. However, the addition of his headband means FIFA wins this round.

Showing off Bale's hair must be a tough job

PES captured Bale's distinctive face nicely

It must be a tough job to recreate Gareth Bale’s hair in video game form, but PES has done well

Last but not least on the list is Gareth Bale, and luckily he has plenty of distinctive features with which both games can try and show off their graphical prowess. This year, we think PES has done a better job of the Welshman’s face and luscious locks.

So, if you’ve been keeping score, that makes it 6-4 to FIFA in this particular match-up. It’s a closely fought contest though, and there are hundreds more players we could compare. From what we’ve seen, FIFA has the better facial features, but PES is not far behind. Perhaps next year will have a different result.

PES 2018 is out now, and the Legendary Edition grants you extra bonuses in MyClub Mode, including Usain Bolt as an Agent. FIFA 18 is due for release on September 29, but you get access to the full game on September 26 if you purchase the Ronaldo Edition or Icon Edition.