FIFA 19 could have the rights to the Champions League as UEFA ends partnership with Konami

  • The PES games have held the licensing to the Champions League for a long time
  • EA Sports hold the rights to every other major football competition in the world 
  • Now, the only licensing PES hold over FIFA is Barcelona’s Nou Camp stadium 

EA Sports and the FIFA franchise have dominated the football game market for a long time. With licensing for all of the world’s top football teams, it’s been near impossible for PES to compete.

The one redeeming factor PES and Konami had left was their partnership with UEFA, giving them rights to the Champions League and Europa League. However, after 10 long years the two have separated.

The 2018 UEFA Champions League final in Kyiv will mark the end of the deal and will present an opportunity that EA Sports will undoubtedly try to pounce on.

FIFA 19 could have the Champions League rights as UEFA have ended their deal with Konami

In previous editions of FIFA, EA Sports have put a strong emphasis on trying to recreate the feel of match days and the atmosphere of stadiums. If they partner up with UEFA, you could get to see the starry banner and hear the epic Champions League theme playing as you try to lead Accrington Stanley to European glory in your career mode.

This would of course mean your career modes would no longer have you competing for the lacklustre ‘Champions Cup’ and would add the official trophies to the game. 

But it’s outside of career mode where a potential licensing agreement could get really exciting.A Champions League run would be absolutely perfect for Alex Hunter and the Journey. Or imagine playing in a European cup in Pro Clubs or special Ultimate Team inform cards with the Champions League branding.

There are certainly some exciting prospects but it’s a bit early yet. E3 is only a few months away and that’s where EA will make the big announcements surrounding FIFA 19.