Filthy Richmond coach Damien Hardwick’s hilarious post after 50m penalty furore in loss to Swans

Filthy Richmond coach Damien Hardwick reacts to 50m penalty furore with hilarious post after Tigers’ controversial loss to Swans – as experts say SYDNEY were ripped off by the umps

  • Swan Chad Warner kicked the ball into the crowd at fulltime believing he got a free kick in Sydney’s six-point win over the Richmond Tigers
  • However, Richmond had been given the free kick, which means Warner should have given away a 50m penalty that could have let Tigers draw the game
  • Hardwick was diplomatic on the night, but took to social media to vent his frustrations on Saturday, as pundits say it was actually Sydney that was dudded 

On Friday night Richmond coach Damien Hardwick put on a brave face and diplomatically said surrendering five goals was the reason the Tigers lost to the Swans – not one of the most controversial umpiring decisions of the year. 

But it was a different tale on Twitter today when the mentor posted a not-so-cryptic GIF on social media.

The Swans surged home to claim a memorable 106-100 AFL win at the Sydney Cricket Ground on Friday night, but the it was a drama-soaked finish that has dominated discussion.

Swan Chad Warner booted the ball into the SCG stands in celebration as the final siren sounded despite the umpires ruling that a Tigers player had been held back and had a free kick.

Under the letter of the law, Richmond should have got a 50-metre walk up field and a chance to lock up the scores. However, the officials denied them that opportunity.

‘It’s irrelevant. You can look at that last incident, but the fact of the matter is we were up by 30 points, it’s easy to look at the last game, but we should have iced the game,’ Hardwick said on the night.

The AFL has issued a statement saying that umpire Matt Stevic made the right call by not issuing the 50m penalty to Richmond. 

But today Dimma posted a popular GIF of a confused-looking dog with the comment: ‘Common sense. Sorry, what?’ followed by a laughing emoji.

At the time, umpire John Howorth told Tigers players the decision was based on ‘common sense’ because the Swan ‘couldn’t have heard the free kick’ ruling. 

Dimma wasn’t the only one confused by the non-call, especially in a season where the officials have been blowing the pea out of their whistles for every minor indiscretion including the new dissent rules.

Some people thought the notion was silly, like Sydney Morning Herald reporter Vince Rugari who tweeted: ‘Anyone who genuinely thinks a 50m penalty should have been paid at the end there must be real fun at parties’.

‘Just wait for the Tigers fans to go off. It’s going to be fun to listen to,’ tweeted another.


Do you think Richmond should have got a 50 metre penalty against the Swans on Friday?

However, others were sure that the Tigers should have earned their chance to level the scores.

‘I thought there is 50m penalty for descent [sic] not just a free kick,’ tweeted a fan.

Some thought the umpires were on a hiding to nothing.

‘Lose lose situation for the umpire there, common sense says that’s not 50 but the rules state it is and they’ve called those situations 50’s all year,’ tweeted a bipartisan fan.

The confusion came in the call before Warner booted the Sherrin into the stands. Footage appeared to show him get hit high by Dion Prestia and Warner thought the whistle for a free kick was paid in his favour.

However, the umpires had issued a free kick to Prestia for being held back, meaning Warner’s actions should have resulted in a 50-metre penalty that could have levelled the scores.

‘I obviously didn’t know it was a free kick [against me], otherwise I wouldn’t have done that [kicked the ball into the crowd],’ Warner told Channel 7 after the match.

Sydney players celebrate the win after the controversial finish to their clash against Richmond at the SCG on Friday night. 

Several AFL pundits have agreed that Warner was within his rights to think the game was over and said Sydney should have earned the free kick.

‘Watching that last contest, Warner cops a back-hander from Prestia. There’s probably a reason for him [Warner] to suggest that it was his free kick,’ former Collingwood champion player and coach Nathan Buckley told Fox Sports.

Former Hawthorn sharpshooter Ben Dixon agreed: ‘That strike to Chad Warner on the face, I believe he might’ve thought: ‘He’s just given me one in the chops, I’ve got a free kick, game’s over and I’m going to kick it into the crowd’.