Find A Path To Deal With Stress From Pandemic

The world has come to a halt from the dawn of 2020, as news of COVID-19 came pouring in. People all around the globe have lost so much- from their loved ones to their daily jobs! Dealing with home chores and office assignments at the same time can be overwhelming. It is no joke to be confined indoors and juggle with the new systems. As days went by, the “New Normal” has adversely impacted our physical and mental health. As every piece of news unfolded in front of us, we, gradually, fell into the pitless bottom of hopelessness. The next few lines will walk you through simple ways of dealing with stress from pandemic.

Understanding The Situation First:

Confronting an unknown disease can cause various emotional outbursts.

  • In most cases, stress issues go unnoticed initially. But, it can take a toll on you incredibly, living in the recent uncertain times.
  • As we count days, waiting for the vaccine to come around, our minds can sink into stress.
  • Everything is partially shut off, and each one of us is bracing ourselves for the next wave of news.

Yes, it is easy to hang on to the edge, waiting for even the smallest window to spiral out. But, we have to remember we are not powerless in such a situation.

What Can Happen?

People had their loved ones stuck miles away from home, while some could not access the necessary item on time. You never know what a person is going through until they show us! But, small signs can point out if someone is struggling with stress due to the pandemic. Let us jot some of the symptoms below:

  • A drastic change in food or sleep habits.
  • Facing a hard time concentrating.
  • Unnecessary agitation.
  • Sudden fear of germs and contamination.
  • Feeling detached and lonely.
  • Fear and uncertainty related to their health, job, education, and financial aspects.
  • Increased use of addictives.
  • Increased violence.
  • Being disturbed by regular news updates.
  • Hoarding of disinfectants and sanitizers.

Everyone is different. Thus, various people have different ways of dealing with stress from pandemic.

Let us try to get back to normalcy:

Simple steps can help bring a sense of normalcy back into our lives.

Exercise Regularly: As most of us are confined indoors, we are losing our mobility. But, simple exercises can help us get it back. Moreover, exercise releases endorphins into our system. Thus, it plays a vital role in lifting our mood. So, get your jogging pants on and indulge in light running, walking, or even climbing stairs.

Eat Healthily: Over-eating or less-eating can be an unwanted outcome of dealing with stress from pandemic. It will affect the metabolism. Do not give in to unhealthy urges. Instead, keep healthy snacks around. It is essential to keep the blood sugar level in check- it will help control your mood.

Connecting with others: we are all dealing with the pandemic. Being far away from loved ones in such a situation can be nerve-wracking. But, do not detach yourself from the people you love. Talk with your friends and family whenever you can, as often as you can. Talking can give you hope. Together you can support each other to face the situation bravely.

Breaks are essential: Working from home has imposed lots of work on us. We have to handle both office and home chores together. But do not over-work. Over-working can stress you out. Take out time for yourself. Entertain yourself, listen to good music, watch movies, or even binge-watch- but make sure to have a few breaks on your plate.

Avoid too much negative news: Let’s face it- every news media is talking of distressing news. Too much negative information can be utterly unhealthy. Being too keen on the news can snatch away our mental peace. It can induce unnecessary fear of the prevailing situation. The mind browses through millions of possibilities, stressing us about the future. Do not take your thoughts too far. Instead, focus on small things and the present.

Maintain safety norms: Rest assured the safety norms can help calm your nerves. Wash your hands, clean your home, and use sanitizers. But, being extra cautious can be troublesome though.

Do what you love: Do not lose touch with your life before the pandemic hit us. Indulge in doing what you love the best. Find ways to express yourself, learn something new, and stay positive.

No one said dealing with stress from pandemic can be easy. But with small steps, coping with the new adjustments the New Year has thrown at us can be a lot easier.