Find out why some mattresses sink at the center

Have you been sleeping on a king-size mattress for years? You probably like the way it looks and feels while sleeping on it. One of the issues that most people deal with at one point in using a mattress is sinking in the middle. Though a mattress may come with the right firmness, sinking in the middle can make it less comfortable over time. Understanding why this happens and knowing how to solve the issue can help you boost the quality of your sleep. Read on!

Why some mattresses sink in the middle

According to mattress dealers, this happens due to different reasons. When walking, your weight gets evenly distributed in your legs. Since this position balances your center of gravity, you remain stable. If you spread your legs and one of your feet slips, the center of gravity is not balanced. That is why this position can easily make you fall.

When you lie down in a bed, the gravity gets centered on the body part where your weight lies, which is mostly the hips. A new mattress may not sink immediately since the layers in it work to give you the support that you need while sleeping. With time, the layers in the mattress are bound to compress. Your body weight compresses the mattress making it less supportive over the years. You can, therefore, start noticing your mattress sinking in the middle.

Even if you sleep on a mattress that has some foam walls, this can only prevent its edges from sinking in, but the center may not give you the same level of support as the edges. The structure of the middle part of a mattress is also not as strong as its edges.

What happens when your mattress sinks at the center?

This is a crucial factor that is often used to determine the lifespan of a mattress. When the center of the mattress starts caving in, it is known as sagging. It is an indicator of the mattress has outlived its lifespan. If you continue lying on such a mattress, you may not enjoy a comfortable sleep since it cannot be comfortable. The experience can be worse for a person who has to share the mattress with a partner.

Trying to rest on such a mattress can cause a lot of issues, such as pain on the shoulders as they tend to be pulled downward at the hips. Your neck may also start aching since it is hyperextended as the rest of your body is pulled down. The sinking mattress can also make you begin experiencing lower or upper back pain since your spine does not remain in a neutral position as you sleep.

The wrong body position tends to cause constant tossing and turning all the through night, making it hard for you to sleep for the recommended period. All this pain can cause prolonged hours of wakefulness throughout the night, causing fatigue in the morning.

Most people who sleep on mattresses that sink in the middle also experience increased snoring, which also causes sleep disturbance, especially when you are not sleeping alone. You may find yourself not looking forward to night time and enjoy relaxing on the couch than on your bed. You can avoid all these issues by finding a solution to this problem.

What should you do when your mattress is sinking in the middle?

  • Build up under the area that is sagging

You can try piling up things such as pillows, blankets, or foam in the middle part of your mattress to boost its comfort level. You should, however, know that this can change the pressure relief since it is only a temporary fix. Some people reveal that this technique may make it more uncomfortable than it was before.

  • Use the opposite side of your mattress

If you tend to sleep on one side of the mattress, trying the different side can help you sleep better. Flipping the mattress enables you to have a new top cushioning, which may be more comfortable than the sinking part. You should, however, avoid using very soft layers as your core support, especially if such layers are worn out.

  • Consider getting a mattress topper

Some people solve this by adding an extra layer to their beds by getting a mattress topper. This can help you modify the firmness of the mattress. It can also help you use the mattress for longer. The problem with adding a mattress topper is that it only gives you a temporary solution since it cannot reduce the sagging of a very old mattress completely.

  • Get a new box spring

You may also realize that the box spring you have been using is bad. Replacing it with a new one can help you solve the problem. You can also buy a platform bed that can make your mattress more comfortable. This is a cheap solution when you don’t have enough cash for a new mattress. Some people also reinforce the bed with plywood.

  • Buy a new mattress

A sagging mattress should help you realize that it is time to replace your existing mattress. This can help you find a permanent solution as long as you choose a quality one from Puffy mattress. Since you spend so many hours sleeping, investing in a new mattress can help you boost the quality of your sleep. It can also help you minimize the risks of pain on different parts of your body. You can also improve your overall health by buying a new mattress.


A sagging mattress can be quite uncomfortable, and fixing it is not that easy. For you to extend the lifespan of your mattress, ensure that you take care of it properly. Avoid stepping on it regularly or sitting upright on the edges. This is because sagging occurs due to the compression from the weight of your body. If your mattress is already sinking, try the above techniques and see if they work.