Find the best gaming desktop build under $1,000

A good gaming build won’t only amplify your gaming experience but enhance your system’s capabilities to a whole new level of excellence! With the investment of appropriate knowledge and experience, even a $1000 gaming PC will become capable of maxing out most AAA titles in the market. Such a budget can offer you premium level specs if you happen to use it wisely! For $1000, your PC will possess the juice required to run a 4K VR game with little to no lag. However, one must showcase the utmost versatility and innovation while going forth with the final assembly.

For those looking for an all-round PC build that will offer you a pleasant gaming experience, this tech-article will guide you through the nitty-gritty details, introducing a body worthy of your time and money. A $1000 budget can help you accomplish your gaming dream!

Prominent Build Components

Processor (AMD Ryzen 5 3600X)

A processor determines your system’s speed and the number of tasks it can handle in one go! At a $1000 budget, one can go for the Ryzen 5 3600X, readily available at Tech Fast Australia. This processor ranks amongst the most powerful and versatile CPUs in the 2020 market, capable of performing at a base clock speed of 3.8 GHz. However, for those who like taking their gaming experience to the next level, the processor can boost itself upto an impressive 4.4 GHz! After rigorous testing, experts claim that this CPU performs the best compared to other Ryzen 3rd Generation processors.

GPU (XFX RX 5700XT Thicc III Ultra)

When paired with the AMD Ryzen 5 3600X, this GPU can produce monstrously good results! One can hardly expect to get a better Graphics Processing Unit for cheaper than this, especially at a $1000 budget. The XFX RX 5700XT comes with a GDDR6 VRAM of a monstrous 8GB size, capable of dwarfing other budget builds with utmost ease! Moreover, you can run games HD games at their highest FPS rate with little no lag! For games who love VR, this GPU will become your best friend.

RAM (Corsair Vengeance LPX, DDR4 3600 MHz 16GB)

The Random Access Memory helps you perform different tasks simultaneously; a good RAM will drastically reduce any excessive load on the CPU and GPU, increasing the system’s speed considerably! The Corsair Vengeance LPX offers an impressive capacity of 16GB, with a ridiculous 3600 MHz of speed! When paired with a good CPU and GPU, this RAM will uplift your gaming experience to the next level. Tech Fast Australia will provide you with good RAM at a budget range!

SSD (Samsung 860 EVO, 500GB)

Even at a $1000 range, one must never compromise their system’s capabilities by going for an HDD instead of an SSD. These storage units can exponentially decrease your system’s booting time while also increasing your PC’s overall speed. Carrying Samsung’s sticker reliability and trust, the 860 EVO dominates the market! Unlike other SSDs, the 869 EVO will never fail you, even after years of consistent usage. With 500GB of readily available space, the SSD can store many useful applications, aside from the operating system.

Power Supply Unit (Thermaltake Toughpower GF1 650W)

To maintain your PC, you must select a proper PSU capable of producing enough power to support a high-tech gaming PC. With Thermaltake’s new Toughpower GF1, you PC will receive a consistent power-supply of 650W, with little fluctuation and disturbance. Furthermore, this PSU comes with the trust and reliability of a gold rate efficiency certification! Purchase your new PSU from Tech Fast Australia at a reliable price.

Motherboard (Asus AM4 TFU, X570-plus with Wi-Fi, for gaming)

To further complement the above components, Asus’ TUF X570-Plus motherboard provides the best deal in the market, especially at a budget of $1000. With added aesthetics and Wi-Fi, the motherboard supports every essential component required to build a proper gaming setup in 2020. Moreover, for those who wish to enhance their PC in the future, this motherboard will support a considerable expansion with no significant errors. Furthermore, it comes included with PCIe 4.0, VRAM, and AMD CPU supporting functions.

Cabinet (NZXT H510)

A good cabinet supports proper air-flow and cooling support. However, the NZXT H510 offers much more than just that! With this cabinet, your PC will look aesthetics, receive tempered glass panels, and comes equipped with a proper set of fans! Without a good case, one cannot create a good gaming PC build.

Budget and Upgradability

For a build of $1000, one must go for a form that fits right inside their budget; however, giving your account a flexible stretch when required becomes a necessity when it comes to technology. Nevertheless, one can quickly assemble a gaming PC supporting both regular functionality and high-end gaming with a $1000 budget with absolute ease. Your hard-earned savings will not go wasted with Tech Fast Australia watching your back. Furthermore, one must assemble a PC capable of receiving necessary upgrades whenever required!

Overclocking Capacity

The above build will offer you a CPU capable of executing a considerable amount of overclocking! When a CPU overclocks, it pushes in a higher amount of force and energy, making the machine function at a more incredible speed! Even for a tight budget, accessing such a processer remains comparatively easy in the 2020 market.

Building and Aesthetics

While going for a good build, aesthetics play an essential role; your PC must look visually appealing! Tech Fast Australia provides a wide range of RGB lighting and fans for a CPU cabinet, alongside attractive tempered glass options. While building a PC, one must possess a screwdriver alongside a container to store the screws for future use. One must also use cable wraps for appropriate cable management.

While building a good gaming PC, one must first conduct a considerable amount of research on the subject. If your budget stands at $1000, you will get yourself a high-end gaming PC; however, you must not invest in gadgets that may not showcase long-term usefulness.