Finding the most relevent bookmakers

A man spends a whole night dreaming of the number 7, and when he wakes up it happen to be 7 o’clock’, he doesn’t think much of it but then when he turns on the news he realizes that the date is also 7th of the 7th month. Now the man has started becoming superstitious. “These can be coincidences” he thinks and decides to bet on the races. He takes a number 7 taxi to the park and is charged $7.77. The 7th counter as Lucky 7 as the number 7 horse. It’s a 7 to 1 odd. The mans thinks today is his lucky day and bets on the horse. The horse ends 7th in the race.

The man decides he’ll play smart the next time he gambles. He starts betting on baseball games but makes sure that he studies the games and keeps record. One day he is standing at a counter of a bookie waiting his turn. The man ahead of his has a brief case in his hand. He puts the briefcase on the counter and bets $250,000 at a boxing match on a 4 to 1 underdog. Our man thinks that a bet that big must mean that the guy has inside knowledge and so he does the same. The underdog gets knocked-out 20s into the first round. Turns out that the guy who bet $250,000 was just some rich guy who liked to bet longshots as a hobby.

Both these stories were told by Norm McDonalds a Canadian comic and both, although entertaining, show the pit falls of gambling. People gamble because it pays but not often, and for the longest time people have been trying to choose the right betting method which guarantees success and try to break the code how bookies work and copy their methods. But the simple answer to that is, if you want to beat the bookies, don’t play against them, but do what they do.


A question asked by so many sports bettors before they even begin to bet on sports online, every day, both professional and amateur players alike discover the benefits to betting on sports online vs betting on sports with a brick and mortar establishment or even a local bookie. But they are immediately plagued with the internet aged old question, “what is the best online sports book?”


How can a sports betting enthusiast find truthful, valuable and precise information regarding the ever so popular question “what is the best online sports book? “it’s simple, start by talking to seasoned sports bettors who have years of experience in betting with most of the reputable, and not so reputable sports betting websites.

Speak with professional gamblers about their experiences with the sportsbook you are considering .read reviews from amateurs and experts alike that have either had positive, or negative results from the most popular online bookmarkers, read testimonies of players getting burned by the many online sportsbook scams.

The truth is you cannot simply google” best online sportsbook” and expect to find the most reliable and trustworthy sports betting sites. The site you will find will have short catchy phrases such as “discover who has the BEST bonuses and FASTEST payouts of ALL online betting sites. They will have bold letters and exclamation marks. And every description will somehow show sorts bettors exactly what they want to read.

But if you do a bit of research you will find that most of these listings are partners of various online bookies, or they are direct or indirect creations by online sportsbooks themselves.

Out of the thousands of online sports betting destinations ,there are truly only about a dozen worth considering ,there are probably only five out of all the top online  sportsbooks which are reliable and secure ,but if you take your time in the beginning to perform just a tad of due diligence in finding the best online sportsbook for your style of betting ,you will reap the benefits and profits alike in the long run.

Best betting websites are the ones who welcome your winning streaks with open arms and believe it or not that is hard to find.

One such website that celebrates its victors is the as choosing the website with the highest odds will pay out big time and provides all great options and platforms for the online sports betting clients.