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Finding the Right Arrondissement for Your Paris Luxury Real Estate

Paris is home to over two million people, with over ninety million tourists visiting each year. Before buying a property in Paris, gather as much information as you can on the different city arrondissements and choose one that fits your lifestyle.

There are 20 arrondissements or areas within the city, so if you want to buy a Paris France luxury real estate, you have to identify what you want in a property. This will determine which arrondissement you should focus on.

What are the expensive arrondissements?

These are the more expensive, high-end arrondissements in Paris that you can check out.

6th Arrondissement (Saint-Germain-des-Prés)      

You can’t talk about Paris France luxury real estate without mentioning this area. This, along with the 7th arrondissement, is the most expensive area for real estate in Paris. The northern part of the streets faces the Seine. This area is home to the French School of Fine Arts, antique shops, and prestigious art galleries.

After the Second World War, the 6th arrondissement became an intellectual and cultural hub where philosophers, musicians, and filmmakers gathered.

Well-known writers and artists like Oscar Wilde, George Sand, Pablo Picasso, and Ernest Hemingway all lived in the 6th. Despite being close to the heart of the city, this area remained peaceful and pleasant.

Specialty food markets, antique stores, and designer boutiques all lineup and add charm to the streets on the 6th.

If you want to visit The Jardin du Luxembourg, the Musée national du Moyen Age, and other high-end art galleries, the 6th is the place you should go to.

Another factor that contributes to the high value of this neighborhood is the presence of historic architecture. Old buildings have been turned into residential areas with contemporary features.

Homes in this neighborhood have pre-wired customized audio systems, Italian shower rooms, chromotherapy tubs, and other rare comforts.

7th Arrondissement (Palais-Bourbon)

This area is home to the French parliament, the Assemblée Nationale, and most ministries and government offices. It’s also near Champs de Mars and borders on the 15th and 6th arrondissements. This area is also a central location for real estate and parks.

In this area, elegant apartments are the most sought-after properties. Most of these apartments have a stunning view of the famous Eiffel Tower. In this peaceful neighborhood, you can also find 1930s traditional architecture, parquet floors, and original fireplaces. Apartments here usually come with caretakers, lifts, and fully-equipped kitchens.

8th Arrondissement (Élysée)

This area is high-priced because Michelin restaurants and 5-star hotels surround it. The area near Parc Monceau has beautiful buildings and residential areas, making it one of the most sought-after arrondissements in Paris.

The 8th is also home to shops of luxury brands like Dior, Fendi, Louis Vitton, and Chanel so you can already expect that properties in this arrondissement are high-end and comes with an expensive price tag.

19th Arrondissement (Buttes-Chaumont)

This is one of Paris’ largest arrondissements, with neighborhoods surrounding the park. This is also one of Paris’ best addresses because of its top-quality, high-end apartments and single-family villas.

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