FInks and Nomad bikie war crack down by Supreme Court in Sydney

Conflict between the Finks and Nomads bikie gangs in the NSW Hunter region has escalated since late 2016, so far involving motorcycles being rammed off the road, assaults, firebombings, drive-by shootings and attacks on family members.


Zakary Ross, alleged former member of Newcastle City Nomads, swaps allegiance by ‘patching over’ to the Finks due to an internal dispute. Police believe it’s the catalyst for conflict.


A Finks nominee suffers a dislocated hip when he is rammed off his bike.


8 – Shots are fired into a Merrylands cafe belonging to the Nomads national president and vice president.

9 – Finks and Nomads members fight at a Wallsend service station and Nomads members are struck in the head with a baseball bat. Police launch an operation to proactively target the conflict.

MARCH 2017

25 – Four Nomads members are allegedly involved in an unprovoked assault on two men at a Newcastle pub.

26 – Two cars belonging to the father of a Finks member are firebombed in a driveway.

27 – Shots are fired from multiple weapons into the Nomads Newcastle clubhouse at Islington.

28 – The Nomads Muswellbrook clubhouse is firebombed with three Molotov cocktails.

28 – More than 30 shots are fired into the home of alleged Nomads Newcastle sergeant-at-arms James Quinnell.


15 – A Nomads nominee is rammed off his motorcycle in Muswellbrook.

19 – A Finks member is sitting in a parked car when two shotgun rounds are fired into the vehicle, narrowly missing him.


2 – Three Finks Newcastle members are assaulted with baseball bats at the Islington Caltex service station. One suffers a broken arm.

11 – A car linked to the Nomads Newcastle chapter pursues another car, forcing it off the road. Alleged Finks member Troy Vanderlight is later assaulted at his home.


4 – The Nomads Islington clubhouse is firebombed.

15 – Vanderlight’s home is shot at in an early-morning attack.

25 – Vanderlight’s home is hit by a Molotov cocktail.


2 – Shots are fired into the home of a Nomads’ ex-girlfriend at Gillieston Heights. Police believe it ‘clearly demonstrates a heightened level of unpredictable violence’.

13 – At least seven rounds from a high-powered rifle are fired from a car into the home of alleged Finks member Andrew Manners in retaliation for the February 2 attack.

27 – The home of alleged Newcastle Nomads president Bradley Bowtell is shot three times in an early-morning attack. Bowtell, ‘in no uncertain terms’, tells police he won’t assist with the investigation and wants to go back to bed.

MARCH 2018

1 – The home of alleged Finks state president Andrew Manners is shot with 20 rounds from a high-powered rifle while his partner and a child are sleeping inside.

3 – The home of alleged Finks treasurer Shane Hewitt is shot with ‘military grade bullets’ in a drive-by attack. A 44-year-old male associate is hit in the leg.

Source: Affidavit and documents tendered to NSW Supreme Court as part of the case for NSW Police seeking serious crime prevention orders against five Nomads bikies.