Firewood Suppliers – What to look for & Choosing the right one

Having a look online for firewood suppliers will yield a ton of results both locally and nationally.

How do you go about choosing the right one?

There are so many out there that wading through all the different choices can be difficult. That is why we have come up with a few tips that you can use when looking for a firewood supplier to get your logs for your wood burner.

Firewood Suppliers – Tips for choosing the right one

Instead of wasting time on poor suppliers that offer low quality firewood, use these 3 criteria to ensure that you choose the right one.

High quality firewood:

Firewood needs to be either seasoned to kiln dried to ensure that most of the moisture is removed from the wood.

Low quality firewood that is full of moisture and hasn’t been seasoned properly or put in a kiln will be hard to light, will burn too quick and will leave deposits in your flue.

All the firewood that we supply at Logs Near Me has been kiln dried and the low moisture content has been certified by Woodsure the UK’s only wood fuel quality insurance scheme.

Delivery options:

Sourcing high quality firewood isn’t always easy in your local area. If you’re looking for ‘firewood suppliers near me’ you might not actually get a lot of local results depending on where you live.

This is why a supplier needs to have good delivery options because you won’t want to drive half way across the country to pick up some firewood no matter how good it is.

Luckily at Logs Near Me we deliver nationally and all our products come with free delivery. You can read a bit more about how we deliver but regardless of where you are, we’ll get our range of high quality kiln dried firewood to you.

Environmentally friendly:

Finally, you want your firewood supplier to be environmentally conscious.

Contrary to popular belief, using a wood burner with the correct logs isn’t really bad for the environment. Logs that have been kiln dried are clean fuel and won’t produce smoke or harmful fumes.

All the firewood that we source at Logs Near Me is from sustainable forests where it has been legally harvested so not only do we provide high quality wood but it’s environmentally friendly too.

Choosing the right firewood supplier:

You can find a ton of different places offering firewood from local petrol stations to suppliers in your area.

If you want to start lighting long lasting, hot and environmentally friendly fires then you need to go to a firewood supplier that has an emphasis on quality.

At Logs Near Me we tick all these boxes.

Our ash and birch logs have been kiln dried to ensure low moisture content, we offer national delivery with a range of different products and all the wood that we use is from sustainable forest so we have an eye on the environment as well.