First-Time Eyebrow Shaping Tips for Tweens

You’ve seen it done in the salon, or perhaps watched an older family member do it and your friends are starting to do it as well. Based on how their eyebrows turned out, they aren’t doing it right. So what’s a tween supposed to do when she wants to shape her own eyebrows for the first time? As an adult, a woman might be able to get microbladed eyebrows, but what about as a teen? As someone who’s had the guidance of licensed cosmetologists all of her life, I can answer that question. Read on:


Before you start attacking your eyebrow hairs with tweezers, take a moment to analyze your facial structure. You’ll want to look at the shape of your face as well as the shape of your eyes as they will play a crucial role in how you should shape your eyebrows. After all, the goal is to make your facial features look balanced, not contorted.

One great way to do that is to measure your eye from tear duct to tear duct. Then measure the distance from your right inner tear duct to your left inner tear duct. Ideally, the amount of distance between the inner right duct and the inner left duct should match the size of your eye. If you have a larger distance between the two, you most likely have wide-set eyes, and if a shorter distance exists, you have close-set eyes.

Determine Length

Once that’s done, wash your face and eyebrow area. You’ll also want to grab two orange sticks and an eyebrow pencil. If you don’t have two orange sticks, a pair of bamboo skewers will do. Just make sure that you’re exceptionally careful with the skewers’ pointed ends. Next, hold one stick up vertically against each side of your nose so that they are in line with your tear ducts. Using the sticks as a guide, use your eyebrow pencil to make vertical hash marks alongside the section of your eyebrows closest to your nose. Doing so will establish one of your eyebrow’s boundary marks.

Continue by placing the sticks back into the same position. Then slowly move them outward into a V-shape. In other words, one end of each stick should be touching the ends of your nostrils. The other ends should be touching your eyebrows. Again, using the sticks as a guide, make a vertical hash mark alongside the outer corner of your eyebrow. At this point, you’ll have a guide that will help keep you from making your eyebrows too short or too long.

Determine Arches

There’s still one more measurement to go through, it will help you determine how high or low your eyebrows’ arches should be. In addition, how you take the final measurement will be based on your eye structure. If you’ve previously determined that you have balance-set eyes, place one end of each stick back onto the corners of your nostrils. Then, keeping one end onto your nostril, move each stick until they are centered over the middle of your pupils. That intersection is where your arches should go. Therefore, you’ll want to make a hash mark on your face in that exact spot.

If you are convinced that you have close-set eyes, find your cheekbones. Then place the sticks vertically on top of them. Afterward, slowly move the sticks along your face and towards the edges of your irises. Once they reach the edges of your irises, make vertical hash marks in those areas. That’s where the arches should be for you.

Lastly, if you have wide-set eyes, you’ll need to take a different approach. Place the sticks onto your cheekbones again, only this time you’ll want to move the sticks towards the centers of your pupils. Then make your hash marks accordingly. Once you have your final guideline in place, go ahead and tweeze your eyebrows.