Five (5) Unfiltered Truths In Handling UTI During Menopause

Women are said to be prone to infections in their urinary system compared to men as the former have a shorter urethra, which means bacteria can quickly spread into the urinary system and cause infections. Many factors may cause bladder and urinary tract infections to women, but one crucial element is the end of women’s reproductive period.

During this time, the lining of a woman’s urethra gets more sensitive. There are also women who experience bladder and urinary tract infections after engaging in sexual intercourse. Hence, it is crucial for women, who are nearing their perimenopause, early menopause, menopause, and postmenopause stages, to know the basics (see below) in caring for their urinary system.

Home Is Where The Cure Is

Home remedies are not the cure-all to whatever infections invading the body, but it is worthy to note how these can make one feel better. First on the list is the importance of quality sleep, which gives the immune system a fighting chance in wrestling with infections. Staying hydrated is the next best thing to maintain or regulate the body’s temperature, help the brain to function well, and flush waste and bacteria.

For menopausal women, they are advised to cut their caffeine and alcohol intake as these can inflame the bladder and slow down healing from infections. Urinating regular is equally essential as this inhibits bacteria from increasing in the urinary tract, making infection impossible.

Cleanliness Is Next To Urinary Health

Good personal hygiene equates to better health. When women, especially menopausal ones, can keep their bodies clean, they can prevent themselves from acquiring illnesses and infections caused by bacteria or viruses. The simple act of regular hand washing is a powerful way to keep germs at bay.

When washing their vagina every after poo or urination, women must wipe their genitals from front to back to avoid bacteria from getting into the urethra and from spreading. Failure to do so may encourage bacteria to end up in women’s urinary tract, paving the way for urinary tract infection.

Cranberry Juice, The Go-To Drink

Menopausal women who are at a higher risk of UTI may drink cranberry juice as it has been a highly recommended treatment for UTI. Although it may not kill the bacteria attacking the body, cranberry juice may kick the infection out or prevent the bacteria from spreading. Accordingly, cranberries have proanthocyanidins, which are believed to hamper infection-causing bacteria from attaching itself to the urinary tract walls. Cranberry juice may taste bad, but it is considered a healthy drink. It can keep the body hydrated and can also flush out infection since drinking it will make one urinate more.

One Leak Will, Indeed, Sink The Ship

Women, who have undergone childbirth and who are menopausal, have weaker pelvic floor muscles, making them leak a little amount of urine when they cough, sneeze or laugh. Hence, it is vital to managing bladder leaks to prevent leaking urine now and then. This so-called stress incontinence or the involuntary loss of urine is never a regular part of the aging process.

Bladder training techniques that will expand one’s ability to hold urine and control the urination schedule can treat this condition. Said treatment is not only simple and effective but also safer and less expensive than any medication.

Herbal Versus Conventional Remedies

There is this small plant found in Europe, called Uva-ursi or bearberry, which is said to relieve bladder infection symptoms. Its antiseptic properties are considered helpful in excreting bacteria that invades the urine. Another herbal solution that is found beneficial throughout the menopausal phase is soy isoflavones, which have also been reported to promote heart health and bone health for menopausal women.

Meanwhile, women who have the financial capacity to seek medical help, resort to oral antibiotics prescribed by doctors to fight off bacterial infection. Whether herbal or conventional remedies, women must find out quick cures so as not to aggravate or propagate any bladder infection.


Menopause can be liberating to women in different ways. They would no longer need to deal with monthly periods, and there would be no more possibilities of bearing additional children. However, menopause may cause certain discomforts such as urinary tract infections, which when not promptly attended to, may lead to more severe health problems. If you want to free yourself from vaginal dryness, painful urination, burning or itching sensations before, during and even after menopause, then you better give estring discount coupon a look-see.