Flight attendant reveals the things she would NEVER do as an air passenger, from drinking the tea or coffee to wearing strong perfume

From drinking tea to ignoring the safety briefing, a former flight attendant has revealed a number of things she would never do as an airline passenger after getting to know the ins and outs of the industry.  

A flight attendant from the U.S., who worked as cabin crew for a number of years with various airlines, shared some of her observations and pro tips with DailyMail.com.

She also revealed some of her pet hates, with everything from strong perfume to oversized cabin bags among her gripes.  

Take a flight down for some insights, so that next time you fly, you’re in for a lower stress and safer journey. 

Wear socks or go bare feet

Do not wear socks or go barefoot, the travel expert warns flight passengers

Planes aren’t deep cleaned regularly, the former flight attendant says, so for that reason she doesn’t recommend walking around in socks or with bare feet. 

She advises: ‘The carpets are pretty gross and the washroom floors get more grimy as the flights go on. 

‘I would pack a pair of flip flops with me to wear on the plane. 

‘When done with them, you can just place them, soles together, in a Ziplock or plastic bag that keeps them away from other items in your bag.

‘Flip flops can be easily washed off. 

‘An alternative is packing a pair of hotel slippers and discarding them on the plane when you are done with them.’ 

Book a seat at the back of the airplane

After working on planes for years, the aviator she has seen the anguish caused by long disembarkations and people at the back of the plane trying to make connections. 

For that reason, she says she would never book a seat at the back, especially with a layover of under an hour. 

If you can, she says, opt for premium seats at the front of the cabin or ones as far forward as you can in economy. 

She adds: ‘If you were unable to book, try asking a flight attendant if there are any free seats closer to the front if the flight isn’t busy. 

‘Sometimes, if you are polite, they will be able to accommodate you.’ 

Sneak big bags as hand luggage

‘Many people try and bring in big bags as hand luggage, but this just holds everyone up as bigger bags are more difficult to stow,’ the avid traveler says.

With that in mind, she only travels with one small personal item in the cabin and checks any bigger bags. 

‘Not only does it lighten my load but every little helps when it comes to making boarding a more seamless experience,’ she says 

Drink coffee or tea on a flight

The hot water pots are rarely 'thoroughly cleaned' on flights, the travel pro says

The hot water pots are rarely ‘thoroughly cleaned’ on flights, the travel pro says

Nearly all flights, including short haul, run a hot drink service but the flight expert warns against drinking tea of coffee on the aircraft. 

She says the hot water pots are rarely ‘thoroughly cleaned’ and they can be a breeding ground for germs.

Instead, she recommends sticking to cold drinks for the flight or filling a flask with hot drink from an airport vendor before boarding.  

Wear strong perfume 

‘What might smell nice to you, might not smell as heavenly to the person next to you, so try to avoid wearing strong perfumes or colognes if you can,’ the ex cabin crew says. 

She also points out that some people might suffer allergies or be hyper sensitive to scents.  

Along with avoiding perfumes, she recommends keeping clear of curries or garlic dishes before flying as ‘not everyone wants to inhale the remnants of last night’s dinner.’ 

Her pro tip is to take a shower before heading to the airport and to use a mild deodorant. 

While ‘for those who have lounge access, there are often showers there you can freshen up in too.’ 

Skip drinking water

After spending long stints on aircraft, the former hostess says she realizes the healing power of water. 

She advises taking one large bottle of ‘pure’ water and sipping on it throughout the flight. 

The aviator explains: ‘The air is dry and less oxygenated and you will be prone to getting a headache.

‘Because of this, water will be your best friend. Try to avoid alcohol if you can and stick to some good old H2O. You will feel much more refreshed once your reach your destination.’

Another wellness tip she recommends is getting up to stretch ‘every two hours or so.’  

Ignore the safety briefing

'It is important to know where your oxygen masks drops from and how to put it on,' the former flight attendant says on the subject of safety briefings

‘It is important to know where your oxygen masks drops from and how to put it on,’ the former flight attendant says on the subject of safety briefings 

From working on different aircraft, the former stewardess says she has come to realize the importance of listening to the safety briefings as the layouts can vary ‘massively.’

The travel pro explains: ‘While the briefing might be tedious to watch, they are generally pretty quick and they will help if any emergency unfolds. 

‘It is important to know where your oxygen masks drops from and how to put it on.

‘The same goes for your life jacket.

‘Another thing I like to do is to count the rows to the exit doors. That way, if the lights go out or smoke fills the cabin I know roughly how far I have to travel.’

Undo my seatbelt

‘After witnessing many bouts of unexpected turbulence, I will always keep my belt buckled during flights,’ the ex air host says. 

If you are planning to move around the cabin to either visit the washroom, venture to the galley or merely stretch your legs, she advises moving ‘with a purpose.’

She adds: ‘It’s really important not to stand around aimlessly blocking aisles.

‘Just standing around could expose you to unnecessary risks and if the plane starts shaking, your head could hit the ceiling before you have time to react.’ 

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