Florida man, 55, is arrested at Walmart after drinking $7 wine in bathroom

Florida man, 55, is arrested at Walmart after ‘stuffing a $7 bottle of wine down his pants before chugging it all in the store bathroom and trying to leave’

  • Police allege Ty Kelley took a bottle of Barefoot Riesling off the shelf in a Pinellas Park Walmart on Thursday and stuffed it into his pants
  • He allegedly went into the store’s bathroom where he downed the booze before throwing the empty bottle in the trash
  • Kelley was stopped by loss prevention workers who promptly called the cops
  • The 55-year-old was arrested on a petty theft charge and is being held in custody on a $250 bond
  • Kelly – who is believed to be homeless- has an extensive rap sheet  

Ty Kelley, 55, is accused of drinking a $6.98 bottle of wine inside a Walmart bathroom before attempting to leave the store without paying

A Florida man has been arrested on a petty theft charge after he allegedly swiped a bottle of wine off a shelf in Walmart and drank it in the store’s bathroom. 

Cops claim Ty Kelley, 55, stuffed the bottle of $6.98 Barefoot brand Riesling down the front of his pants while he was inside a franchise in Pinelas Park on Wednesday. 

According to a police report obtained by WTSP, Kelley downed the 750ml of booze before he tossed the empty bottle in the trash. 

He is then accused of walking out of the store without paying. 

Loss prevention workers spotted Kelley leaving the premises, and called police. 

The incident occurred Wednesday at this Pinellas Park Walmart in Florida

The incident occurred Wednesday at this Pinellas Park Walmart in Florida 

He was arrested outside the store and taken to Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office jail where he was booked on petty theft. 

Kelley has no fixed address, and a lengthy criminal record, including arrrests for marijuana possession, burglary, DUI and battery. 

He is currently being held in prison on a $250 bond. 



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