Flower Villages Across Vietnam: The Next Photography Destinations

The pre-wedding photographers are going all Ga-Ga about this new Vietnam look that offers not just the scenic beauty but idyllic villages filled with exotic flowers. Are you also astonished by the revelation of the flower villages? Well, yes, this pristine land of Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism, also comprises of flower growing land, which gives a perfect backdrop for wedding photography.

And if you are planning a visit to Vietnam this spring season, you will have the chance to observe a completely newly bloomed flower villages. The trees will be full of life and you will find the ripe fruits market all around! The scenes become really, really interesting, and we would suggest that you should not miss upon including the below-listed villages in your Vietnam Holiday packages.

Ohh, we also forgot to mention, do not fail upon carrying some vibrant color clothes that would match the best with the background. Happy photography!

Before moving forward with the flower villages, here is a brief intro about the S-shaped country, Vietnam. The country has an extensive coastline starting from the Gulf of Tonkin in the north and the Gulf of Thailand in the south. Vietnam is full of captivating beautiful places and rich culture & traditions. Locals are friendly and love welcoming tourists with good food and engaging talks. It is a place where everyone should visit once in life for discovering and rejuvenating themselves. Now, here is the list of flower villages for your exciting trip.

Nhat Tan Flower Garden

This one is the perfect Instagrammable place in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. It is just 7 Km from the center of the city, and offers ultimate peace, and calm. Nhat Tan Flower Garden is a treat to the eyes, and widely famous for the cultivation of peach flowers. Recently it has been attracting many wedding photographers and is a beautiful destination to visit during the trip.

If the weather favors you, you will see tall wispy plants, fluffy, delicate green leaves, and some of the Vietnamese ladies dolled up in the traditional Ao Dai attire. The local’s getaway place prefers no honking, and if you are getting the best Vietnam holiday deals during Tet, you will get the chance to enjoy the joyful festive atmosphere.

Some of the colorful flowers that you will find on your visit are chrysanthemum, a variety of roses, and some dreamy swings and brides. The imagination itself is so fascinating, we are sure you would have already captured your share of picture place at the village.

Well, the entrance fee for the gardens starts between 30,000 to 50,000 VND, which may differ from garden to garden.

Sa Dec Flower Village (Dong Thap Province):

This village near Mekong Delta Rivers is incredibly huge and becomes magical during the Vietnamese Lunar New Year. It will be a scintillating experience if you are planning to visit this place during the Vietnamese New year. The bulk production allows locals to harvest and transport flowers to the nearby areas for the festival.

People also plant wet rice in the area and harvest them. You will find a variety of flowers such as daisies, gerbera, chrysanthemum, dahlia, raw-mallow, marigold, and many more. The backdrop of colors creates a picturesque painting of vibrant colors like red, pink, magenta, salmon, and white. During the springs, the locals are busy with planting new and colorful flowers. You will find crowd all around during the festive season, and growing plants is one of the main career options for the people of Sa Dec.

Tay Tuu Flower Village:

How about visiting the oldest flower village in the capital city of Vietnam? It is a famous traditional craft village that has attracted hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. The countryside peace is overwhelming, and you will find an endless bed of flower beds all around. This place is also located at a distance of about 15 Km northwest of Hanoi. It is the oldest flower village having extensive daisy gardens and some other variety of roses red, white & yellow, dahlia, and lily.

The grown flowers are sold hugely during the holiday season like Tet and sold to wholesale markets in Quang Ba. As compared to the flower prices in other villages, the flowers are cost-effective, and with just a few cents, you will get a bucket full of flowers.

The entry is usually free, however, be kind towards handling flowers or while clicking pictures.

Me Linh Flower Village:

Ever imagined visiting a flower village during the night time? Well, a village located around 30 km away from the city center, is a treasured place for avid rose lovers. The place lits up in the night with hundreds of light bulbs studded with diverse daisies, red rose, white rose, carnations, heather, and more.

Locals also experiment with growing French rose, Dutch rose, and Chinese ones to export them worldwide. The lamps at night create romantic and picturesque scenes, perfect for the lovers. If you are planning to make the best tours in Vietnam, try visiting this place early in the morning when the field is fresh, the aroma is refreshing, vaporous fog all around, and tranquility all around. The real beauty of blooming flowers can be observed with the onset of Lunar New year i.e., between December to March.

West Lake Flower Valley:

Spread across thousands of square meters, this flower valley is one of its kind. The scenic flowers attract hundreds of tourists around the year. On your visit, you will find cleome, spider flower, sunflower, and many such other uniquely grown inside the valley. Between September to March, the valley is flooded with colorful flowers blooming all around.

There is a lotus pond inside, which is transformed into a flower garden to serve the photography needs. The valley remains overcrowded during the weekends and hence if possible, plan your visit during the weekdays. The valley is open throughout the year, and the entry fee is 120,000 VND for adults and around 80,000 VND for children and students.

The fan following of Vietnam has grown by leaps and bounds in recent times and has made it to the top spot of avid trippers’ bucket list. Have you added it to yours yet?