Footy star looks UNRECOGNISABLE in this adorable throwback snap… can YOU guess who it is?

  • Footy star looks unrecognisable in throwback snap 
  • His club shared the footage on Thursday 
  • So, can YOU recognise who it is? 

There aren’t many AFL fans in 2024 who would fail to recognise this youngster all grown up. 

But ask them to identify this grinning child biting down on a TimTam? They may be hard-pressed to do so.

An AFL club has shared a throwback video of one of their star players as a child, being held up in the crowd during an enthralling game way back in 2005.

So, can you guess who it is? 

A photo of a current AFL player has been shared on social media

That’s right, it’s St Kilda star Jack Higgins! 

Higgins, now 25, has recreated the iconic image this week, with the Saints releasing a photo of him chomping down on a TimTam during a photoshoot. 

Reflecting on that moment almost 20 years ago, Higgins told the club’s official website: ‘I didn’t even know the bloke who was holding me up in the crowd!

‘It was a stranger, Dad was sitting next to me. Dad was pretty outgoing and chatted to a lot of fans, so we must have all got chatting at the game. 

‘I know his face… I maybe sat next to him once or twice at other games but never saw him again! I think the camera was panning around at the time and he just grabbed me, but shout out to that bloke for getting me on telly! 

The unrecognisable star is none other than St Kilda's Jack Higgins

The unrecognisable star is none other than St Kilda’s Jack Higgins

‘Dad never let me have Tim Tams growing up either, so I think this bloke just shoved it in me gob and I was eating it when the camera came past.

‘That or I pinched one!’

Reflecting on his happy childhood memories following the Saints, Higgins said: ‘Me, Dad and Mum went to every Saints home game. We didn’t miss a game. 

‘I remember being at the Grand Final when BJ took that mark (in 2010). Mum and Dad were members and got a ticket in the raffle to sit in the pocket. 

‘All the Saints fans were just hugging each other, we thought we’d won it.’