Footy star offers Taylor Swift tickets to fans in priceless opportunity – but all is not as it seems

  • Sarah Hosking sent Taylor Swift fans into a frenzy 
  • She said she had four tickets available for MCG concert 
  • But all was not as it seemed 

AFLW star Sarah Hosking caused a Taylor Swift frenzy after offering fans the chance to snap up tickets to the superstar’s sold-out show at the MCG.

Swift fans – known as ‘Swifties’ – are desperately trying to get their hands on tickets for the pop star’s shows in Australia, with just two months until she touches down for the next leg of her worldwide tour.

Unsurprisingly, when Richmond star Hosking posted to her 25,000 followers that she was selling four tickets to Swift’s gig in Melbourne, fans went wild. 

‘Selling x4 tickets to Tay Tay,’ Hosking wrote.

‘Call or txt only — pls no DMs.’

Footy stars sent Taylor Swift fans into a frenzy after a message posted on social media

All was not as it seemed from the social media post

Ruby Schleicher was far from impressed by the stunt

Sarah Hosking claimed she was selling four tickets to Swift’s concert at the MCG

But the offer was too good to be true. The phone number included in the post was not Hosking’s, but belonged to fellow footy star Ruby Schleicher, who did not have any tickets to sell.

Schleicher posted a screen recording – with Swift’s song Karma as the backdrop – showing the dozens and dozens of messages asking ‘Sarah’ for the tickets.

‘Everybody please stop texting and calling me asking for T.Swift tickets!’ Schleicher wrote.

‘Sarah you are the worst kind of person. Karma coming your way real soon.’

Hosking, who had earlier spent time recording a podcast with Schleicher, could only see the funny side of the episode. 

‘I’m an a****** and I know it. Sorry to everyone in advance,’ she wrote. 

Hosking and Schleicher are not the only footy stars to involve themselves in the Swift frenzy. Collingwood hero Mason Cox issued an ‘apology’ to whichever fan has to sit behind his 211cm frame at the MCG. 

Sarah Hosking (left) did not have any tickets to sell, pranking her fellow footy star Schleicher

Sarah Hosking (left) did not have any tickets to sell, pranking her fellow footy star Schleicher

‘I want to sincerely apologise in advance for who has tickets behind me at the Taylor Swift concert,’ the 211cm American-born Magpie said.

‘I know you paid a lot but I don’t care. T Swift is more important.’

Meanwhile, Hawthorn coach revealed that he is under pressure to secure tickets for his daughters, and shamelessly issued a call for help on SEN Radio.

‘I think most of my week was actually around trying to get Taylor Swift tickets for my 12 year-old daughters because if I let them down and at the moment I’ve had absolutely no luck,’ he said.