Forgot To Buy a Gift for a Friend?

Picture this: you’re at your friend’s birthday party and you are having a blast. There’s singing, dancing, remembering fond moments, and eating. Then the MC announces, “It’s time for gifts!” You suddenly remember that you forgot to buy a gift for your friend.

You’d certainly begin to panic during that moment. What would your friend think? How on earth did you forget? But don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world. You can still get a wonderful gift for your friend; if not immediately, you can send them something the very next day.

That’s the beauty of the tech age. You can choose and order a present with just a few clicks and have it delivered right away. The most important part, however, is knowing what gift your friend would appreciate. If you are not sure what gift your friend would love, here are some of the most exclusive gift ideas that are all over people’s wish lists. They’ll be a hit with your friends and family the next time you need something at the last minute.

Send Flowers

Giving your friend a beautiful bouquet is one of the ways to express your love for them. Flowers are the perfect way to commemorate any occasion. For example, you can congratulate someone on a new promotion, send happy birthday wishes, or show your support during a difficult time with flowers.

Aside from it being a pleasant surprise, flowers are a great way to communicate the affection and love you have for them. Of all flowers, sunflowers and alstroemeria represent friendship the best.

Roses are often thought of as solely a romantic symbol, but this is simply marketing — you can give roses for any reason. Yellow flowers are often associated with friendship and appreciation. You should, however, give a flower that appeals to you or that you know your friend would enjoy.

A good flower company would have a collection of ready-made friendship bouquets, great deals and even same-day flower delivery.


Wine is ideal for special occasions such as holidays and celebrations. If you don’t know what kind of wine your friend or loved one prefers, you may want to send a collection of red, white, and rosé wines for sampling. Alternatively, you can give both dry and sweet wines to fit your recipient’s preferences.

Another fun idea to experience wine is with a wine tour. Provide them with a bottle of wine and a gift card to tour the winery for sampling. You could also send a bottle of wine with a note describing the experience you want to offer, and plan to take part together for a memorable experience.

A Gift Box/Basket

Don’t want to give your friend only one gift? With a gift basket or package, you can transform your presentation into a series of small items. A customized gift assortment makes a lovely package to give to a friend or family member. If you’re looking for edible or self-care products, you can easily order gift assortments online and have them delivered.

You can also put together your own gift for a more personalized touch. Follow these guidelines if you’re making your gift basket or box:

  • Create a design/theme: Consider why you’re sending a gift basket and to whom you’re sending it. That will help you decide on a theme and what kinds of things to fill the basket with. Include snacks, self-care products, and small gifts that your recipient will appreciate.
  • Add basket filler: To help the things you put in the gift basket or package stay put, layer it with basket filler. Use shredded or decorative tissue paper that matches the gift’s theme.
  • Place your items in the basket: Decoratively arrange the products in the basket or box; Larger products should be in the back, and smaller gifts should be in front so everything is visible.
  • Pack the box: You’ll need to place your gift basket in a shipping box if you’re making one or wrap it with clear cellophane and a bow. To keep the basket from moving around, keep it in a tight space and fill any empty spaces with packing materials.

Tech Gifts

Who doesn’t love tech gifts? From something as small as a watch to something as large as a 50-inch television set, there are literally millions of great tech gifts available. Chances are, there’s a gadget your friend has been raving about. This might be the perfect opportunity to get it for them.

For the best effect, get your friend a gift that makes their life or work a little easier. For instance, if your friend works from home, consider getting them a fitness tracker to make sure they are still getting in their steps.

Anything Handmade

For thoughtful presents to give to friends, use your creativity or order from a small business or independent creator. Whether it is made by you or someone else, a handmade gift always communicates love and care.

Try to customize anything that is handmade to your friend or loved one’s preferences. Make it personal by incorporating their favorite colors or themes.

Handmade objects are also excellent gift alternatives to flowers. You can make or order items such as knitted or crocheted blankets or mittens, ceramics, embroidery, paintings, woodworking creations, handmade jewelry, and accessories.

Don’t Panic

Gifts are an excellent way to let your friends know that they are important to you and you cherish them. On occasions like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, gifts are a must. And not just any kind of gift, but one that your friend will truly love and remember for a long time. It’s easy to panic when you suddenly remember that you’ve not bought a gift for your friend during a special occasion.

In such moments, just take a deep breath and relax. Thankfully there are many online outlets that can help you select, purchase, and deliver a gift, sometimes even on the same day.