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Former lover of British army sergeant Emile Cilliers reveals chilling text

  • Army sergeant Emile Cilliers warned Nicolene Shepherd not to contact him 
  • He said she would ‘regret talking to me again’ if she did not leave him alone
  • 38-year-old Cilliers continued to see Nicolene while married to Carly Taylor

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Emile Cilliers sent a chilling threat to his ex-lover just months before sabotaging his wife’s parachute.

He warned Nicolene Shepherd not to contact him after she accused him of abandoning their two children.

She had texted him after discovering he had fathered six in all. ‘Six children? Really? And you can’t even take care of the first two,’ she wrote. Cilliers replied: ‘Leave me alone or I will do something [that] will make you regret talking to me again.’

Looking back after his conviction, Nicolene says it was a clear threat. ‘He is capable of absolutely anything,’ she said. ‘It makes me shudder to think what he might have done.’

Emile Cilliers warned Nicolene Shepherd (pictured) not to contact him after she accused him of abandoning their two children

Full-time mother Nicolene, 34, of Somerton in Somerset, met Cilliers in their native South Africa and followed him to Britain. But he left her to marry Carly Taylor, with whom he had two more children.

As revealed by the MoS last year, during that marriage he continued to see Nicolene.

And although they divorced in 2009 he was still having sex with Carly after marrying Victoria.

Incredibly, he cheated on both of them with his Austrian mistress – skydiver Stephanie Goller. 

Carly Taylor, the first wife of Emile Cilliers

Stephanie Goller, the Tinder lover of Emile Cilliers

Cilliers married Carly Taylor (left) and cheated on her with skydiver Stephanie Goller (right)



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