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Fotis Dulos found ‘unresponsive’ in his Connecticut home

Fotis Dulos has been found unresponsive at his home in Connecticut, reportedly from a suicide. 

Emergency services rushed to his property in Farmington on Tuesday morning after Dulos was discovered unresponsive in his garage.

The New York Times cited an unnamed official who says he had killed himself with carbon monoxide poisoning in his garage. 

Jennifer’s family are also believed to have been told that he was dead after killing himself. 

But later, Dulos’ sister and his lawyer insisted he was alive and had a pulse en route to the hospital.  

His condition remains unclear but the most up to date information is that he is in intensive care, is not breathing on his own but has a pulse. 

Dulos could have gone to jail on Tuesday. The company which insured his $6million murder bond, Palmetto Surety Company of Columbia, South Carolina, had expressed doubt over some of the collateral he offered and they wanted to revoke it. understands that on Tuesday morning, New York bail bondsman Ira Judelson was asked by Dulos’ team if he would step in and replace Palmetto should they back out. 

Judelson said he’d agreed but was then blind-sided by news of Dulos’ apparent suicide attempt.  

Emergency workers are shown trying to revive Fotis Dulos at his home in Farmington, Connecticut, on Tuesday. Officials said he died after trying to poison himself with carbon monoxide in his garage 

Fotis Dulos was found dead at his home in Connecticut on Tuesday from a reported suicide

Fotis was awaiting trial for murdering his wife Jennifer

Fotis Dulos was in his home in Connecticut on Tuesday from a reported suicide attempt. Fotis was awaiting trial for murdering his wife Jennifer. Prosecutors repeatedly asked for him to be denied bail including as recently as last week, but the judge allowed him to remain on house arrest 

Emergency responders are treating someone at the Connecticut home of Fotis Dulos

Dulos was awaiting trial on murder charges for the death of his wife Jennifer, who vanished last May after dropping their five kids off at school.  

Fotis and Jennifer were in the middle of a contentious divorce and custody battle when she vanished and Fotis was swimming in debt. 


2004: Fotis Dulos and Jennifer Farber get married. It is his second marriage 

In the same year, her father Hilliard starts loaning him money for his property business, Fore Group. 

2015: Fotis and Michelle Troconis start taking trips he paid for which he claimed were for business. They later start an affair. 

January 2017: Hilliard Farber dies 

March 2017: Gloria Farber takes over his estate 

June 2017: Jennifer files for divorce, saying she is afraid of her husband 

February 2018: Gloria Farber sues Fotis Dulos for unpaid loans 

May 24 2019: Jennifer vanishes after dropping off her five children at school 

June 2019: Fotis and Michelle Troconis  are arrested for evidence tampering

Gloria Farber files an order for custody of the children. 

August 2019: Troconis ‘turns’ on Dulos in police interviews, admits she lied when she said she had an alibi for him 

September 2019: Fotis is arrested again for evidence tampering 

January 2020: Dulos and Troconis are charged with murder

January 28: Dulos is found unresponsive at his Farmington home  

He always denied having anything to do with his wife’s death and vowed to fight the charges.   

Prosecutors repeatedly asked for him to be denied bail including as recently as last week, but the judge allowed him to remain on house arrest. 

He was accused of attacking Jennifer in the garage of her rented home in New Canaan in May after she returned from dropping their five kids off at school.

Police never found her body, but they did find pools of blood in her garage which someone had attempted to mop up and clean. 

They also found traces of her blood in her car – which was later found abandoned in a parking lot – and in the vehicle Dulos was driving on the day she vanished. 

Dulos and his then girlfriend, Michelle Troconis, were also allegedly filmed on surveillance footage dumping trash bags at various locations in Connecticut which were later found to contain traces of Jennifer’s blood. 

Troconis initially gave her boyfriend an alibi and said they had been together all morning. 

She then flipped her story in a second interview with police and, according to arrest affidavits, said he’d given her an ‘alibi script’.  

Dulos maintained that he was innocent. 

He said police had no evidence against him and at one stage, his lawyer Norm Pattis suggested Jennifer had killed herself in a Gone Girl style plot to exact revenge on him. 

The suggestion sickened her friends and family who said she was afraid of him. 

In their divorce papers, Jennifer said she was afraid her husband would hurt her. She described him as a brutally strict parent to their children. 

It has since emerged in unsealed arrest affidavits and search warrants that their nanny described seeing him chase her through their home. 

The nanny also said Jennifer once told her Dotis had tried to run her over. 

It was Fotis’ second marriage. A Greek native and competitive wake boarder, the pair got married in 2004. 

The scene outside Dulos' home in Farmington, Connecticut, where he is believed to have tried to take his own life by inhaling carbon monoxide in his garage before a court date which could have sent him to jail

The scene outside Dulos’ home in Farmington, Connecticut, where he is believed to have tried to take his own life by inhaling carbon monoxide in his garage before a court date which could have sent him to jail 

Jennifer came from a wealthy family and her parents, Hilliard and Gloria, embraced him. 

After they got married, Hilliard started giving Fotis loans to bolster his real estate development business. 

Hilliard put up the cash for him to buy properties and flip them. 

When he sold them for a profit, he repaid his father-in-law the loan plus interest.

Their marriage started to disintegrate in 2017 when, according to court papers, Dulos had an affair with Troconis. 

Michelle Troconis, Dulos' live-in girlfriend, is also awaiting trial for murder

Michelle Troconis, Dulos’ live-in girlfriend, is also awaiting trial for murder

She filed for divorce and sought immediate custody of all five kids. He disagreed and they were granted shared custody until the end of the divorce proceedings. 

‘I am afraid of my Husband. I know that filing for divorce, and filing this Motion will enrage him. 

‘I know he will retaliate by trying to harm me in some way,’ she said. 

He was still allowed to keep seeing them under supervision, however. 

In February 2018, Jennifer’s mother Gloria filed a lawsuit seeking $2.5million from her estranged son-in-law. She said he owed it to her family’s estate in unpaid loans from her late husband, who by that point had died.

Fotis fought it. He moved Michelle Troconis into his palatial mansion in Farmington,  one of many homes he owned under his property company. 

On May 24, a week after an unsuccessful attempt by Fotis to have unsupervised visits with his children, Jennifer vanished without a trace. 

She dropped the kids off in the morning but then missed several appointments in New York City which raised the alarm with friends and family. 

Her car, a Chevrolet Suburban, was found not far from her home, abandoned in a parking lot. They found her phone there but there was no sign of her. 

Police combed surveillance footage and phone records from the state and, specifically, from where Fotis had been.  

It revealed crucial gaps in the timeline of the morning Jennifer vanished. 

Dulos phone remained in the area of Farmington throughout the day.  

Financial decline: $7m in debit and funneling insurance payments

The desperate state of Dulos’ finances were revealed in court documents after he was charged.

He was $7 million in debt, was lapsing on loan interest payments and funneling money from his and his wife’s joint checking account into his own personal account.

By the end of May 2019, at the time Jennifer disappeared, Fotis’ total outstanding debts at added up to $4.5 million, in addition to mortgages taken out on his various properties, the documents say.

Fotis and Jennifer were married between 2004 and 2017

Fotis and Jennifer were married between 2004 and 2017

He also faced lawsuits from Jennifer’s own mother, Gloria Farber, who accused him of failing to pay back various loans. Fotis had claimed they were gifts that he wasn’t obliged to repay.

In early 2019, Fotis began scrambling to inject cash into the main bank account of his business Fore Group.

He opened a new line of credit with People’s United Bank as he maxed out an existing credit line with the Savings Bank of Danbury, investigators say.

In March, April and May, he missed interest payments on the People’s United Bank loan, which totaled about $530,000, according to documents.

Then in April 2019, he received a wire for $149,500 from a cash advance operation based in Utah — the type of high-interest loan that businesses turn to in moments of desperation.

It was during this time period that Fotis received three checks from Chubb Insurance Group totaling $193,610.50 and made out to ‘Fotis and Jennifer Dulos.’

Bank records show that all three checks were deposited into a joint checking account held by Fotis and Jennifer, but that Jennifer did not sign any of the checks.

Following each deposit, the funds were immediately withdrawn and deposited into Fotis’ personal bank account, some of which was then transferred to the Fore Group account, according to investigators. None of the insurance money went to Jennifer.

Investigators say that each of the Dulos’ five children had a trust fund established by Gloria and her late husband, Hilliard Farber.

‘In the event of Jennifer’s disappearance, and in the subsequent event that Dulos gained custody of his children, Dulos would have expected some level of access to the children’s trust funds,’ cops wrote in the warrant affidavit.

Divorce turns ugly as they battle for custody of children

Fotis met Jennifer when they were students at Brown University, and the couple married in 2004.

He went on to complete an MBA in finance at Columbia University, and worked as a builder and developer of luxury homes in Connecticut’s Farmington Valley.

The couple raised their five children in a massive $4.2 million mansion in Farmington – a palatial 15,000-square-foot residence with six bedrooms and 7.5 baths.

But investigators say that behind the opulent facade lurked dark secrets.

Jennifer had filed for divorce in 2017 and moved out of the Farmington mansion. The divorce battle turned ugly as the pair battled for custody of their children.

Court documents filed in the divorce case say Jennifer feared Dulos would harm her in some way in retaliation and she noted he had a gun.

Jennifer had primary custody of the children with their father getting to see them every other weekend.

After Jennifer went missing, Dulos asked the divorce case judge to grant him custody of the children.

Jennifer’s mother Gloria filed a custody motion on the same day Fotis was arrested for evidence tampering and hindering prosecution in relation to her disappearance.

Her mother was given full custody and continues to care for them in her Upper East Side apartment on Fifth Avenue.

At one point, Garber’s apartment was being guarded by armed security.

Dulos had attempted to visit his children on the weekend that his estranged wife went missing but was turned away by the private security.


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