Four Business Services that businesses must outsource

Several business owners reject outsourcing. Why? Well, they think it is too costly for them. However, they fail to understand that they cannot calculate the value of lost opportunities because they spend too much time on things, which others can easily manage.

For instance, every business needs to spend a couple of hours of your daily routine managing their social media pages. Most people outsource this work. If you decide to do it on your own, you save about 20 USD in the outsourcing fee.

Alternatively, if you outsource this and instead focus on ways to boost your sales, you may end up early 10X or even 50X of this amount. So, is it not better? This is not the only thing that you can outsource. There is a bundle of other things that you can outsource and accentuate your profits. Let us dive into them one by one.

Social media management

Let us start with the obvious – Social media. What do you think is the hottest social media platform right now? Is it Instagram, or TikTok, or Twitter? How can you locate your target audience on platforms like Pinterest? If you are uncertain of the answers to these questions, it is time you hire someone who knows these answers. You need to understand that your social media is a vital driver for brand engagement and sales.

However, it is undeniable that it is incredibly time-consuming and often tricky to get things right. So, instead of simply posting the off-brand, blurry picture from your phone, you can hire a social media manager and let him be your brand’s voice for the audience.

Accounting and bookkeeping

You can understand bookkeeping as your morning workout – No one wants to do it. However, neglecting it can result in serious troubles over time. Of course, you have the option of hiring a dedicated professional who can cater to your routine bookkeeping and accounting services. Still, today, most businesses find it practical to outsource their bookkeeping activities.

Moira, an HR manager for EmbraceGardening, a platform wherein you can find vital gardening information, such as the best fertilizers for citrus trees, says, ‘We always outsource our accounting and bookkeeping services. It helps us save time, and we direct our energy on more concrete aspects of the business.’

Before we further dig into the detail, you need to understand what bookkeeping means. If we go by the Wikipedia definition, bookkeeping is the art of systematically maintaining records of the business’s financial transactions. In bookkeeping, you will maintain records for payments transactions, sales, purchases, and receipts.

So, why should you outsource and not have an in-house member doing it? See, outsourcing this service will indeed be a lot cheaper than having a full-time employee on board managing it. More so, outsourcing gives you access to accuracy, and if you do not like their work, you can stop availing of their services. With employees, you will still have to allow them to serve their notice period before firing them.

Taxes and legal work

We understand you can incorporate your business all by yourself, but please understand that doing it yourself will require a lot more energy and time than you may be willing to put in. The same holds for the taxes. Of course, you can do it all by yourself, but it does not really make sense. Why? See, let’s be honest – this is not your specialty. So, you will end up spending more time than required and might still end up making mistakes.

‘Taxation and legal work are taxing, and one mistake can cost the business a lot of money. Thus, for us, it is definitely one service that we always outsource,’ comments Brian, an associate with CDR Report, a platform to find CDR review services.

Well, Brian, a mistake in Taxation and legal business will not only cost you money but can also derail your whole business. Hence, it is one responsibility that expert’s best manage.

Customer service and support

For every business, providing customer service is quintessential. You cannot escape it. Customers today like and appreciate businesses that are reachable 24/7. Why? They need an immediate response to their concerns and queries. As a business, how can you be around 24/7 to answer your customer’s problems?

Thus, the best way to be up there is by outsourcing this service. When you outsource customer support, they can reply to your calls, business emails, live chat, and even social media at any hour of the day. What’s more? You can have multi-lingual support on board.

So, these are four business services that every small business must outsource to better their productivity and management, and direct time on more important things.