Free Online Education Websites For Students in the USA?

There are lots of websites which can provide you with detailed lectures and textbook solutions for almost any topic you need to study.

Here we have listed the Top 10  websites for free online education in the USA and free textbook answers.

You will either get the direct solutions for your query or get the related topic lectures which will help you in solving your textbook question.

Textsheet was one such site which used to provide direct textbook answers but it got discontinued due to some copyright issues, you may try textsheet alternatives sites which provide video lectures with detailed explanation.

Check the free  education sites list here for your  textbook solutions.

Open Culture Online Courses

Open culture is a collection of courses from multiple universities and colleges websites, they aim to provide all the courses at one location.

You can find the topic or the subject which you want to study online on this website.

Here the video lectures and lessons of different subjects are provided freely for every student.

This site includes courses from many big universities in the USA, which are also provided on their official site pages.

You just need to login on this site to access the multiple courses for free.

Academic Earth

After the Open Culture this is another site which provides the online courses for free from different schools and colleges.

It includes the subject courses from different schools for the students who want to learn any topic or course online.

You can access these 500+ free courses online with just filling their entry form online.

This site offers courses in every subject like Marketing, Management, Accounting etc.

This site provides the high quality video classes to the students for their better understanding of every topic.


Alison is an online education website for the learners who want to get the real knowledge and earn certificates for their course completion.

Alison provides the video courses in many subjects with the certification to the learner.

The courses it provides are majorly the diploma or degree courses it enhances the future of students with the extra certification and knowledge.

These courses are majorly in business and technology and health categories.

Stanford Online

Stanford University is the biggest education corporation in the USA, this USA based university graduates thousands of students every year.

It also provides the free online courses on its official portal.

These are some desired courses for different subjects and topics, you can select from the list advanced and professional courses and enroll without paying a penny.

Stanford has also collaborated with the coursera for providing various quality online courses to the students.

These courses will let you enter in different career opportunities and it will also help you in making a different level in your career.

Harvard Extension

There are lots of degree and graduation courses provided online on the official website of Harvard University.

These are the courses from the industry specialists and it also includes various high value content for the benefit of students.

Once you agree with the terms you can join this site and learn the different professional courses for your future growth.

You will also earn the course certificate after completing the course which will help you many times when you apply for a job.

These are the high value courses which may take some of your valuable time from your schedule but it benefits you in your whole life.

Open Yale Courses

Yale is another renowned education corporation in the USA, and it also gives its online training to the students by the way of their video lectures and slideshare videos.

These lectures help many students in getting their problem solutions and these courses also helps many beginners in making their career strong.

The basic aim of founders of this university is to make the education system more approachable and easy for the students who want to learn free online from their professional courses.

The site offers high quality detailed lectures to the students with the course certificate.

MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT is another important website which provides free online education services to the students.

This site has many courses which will enhance the students career, these are professional courses with high value contents.

You can easily enroll in these courses with just filling the entry form of these sites.

This site offers the courses in every field, with the detailed theory and video lectures and practicals. You will enjoy these courses after enrolling into them.

University of London Podcasts

This is the one among which provides its high end podcast and theory lectures to the students who directly enrolled with the 17 major institutions from London.

These podcasts help the students to regain the actual meaning of every topic.

Only the students from these universities can directly access their free courses online.

The website offers the free 3700 online courses in different subjects, for the students all over the world.

University of Oxford Podcasts

After the London University, Oxford is one more which provides the detailed podcasts lectures to the students for their learnings.

This site includes the official lecture in the form of podcasts with the well managed series.

This series of lectures helps to better understand every topic very nicely.

It also includes the lectures and interviews of various guest faculties and industry experts, which gives motivation and helps in making the student career better.


If you are looking for free online material for the topic you want to study then this will be the best site for you.

It will give you the latest knowledge with the different usable material for free.

This site works as a directory which in-turn provides the different material link of different websites, which is provided by many people who are searching for the same topic online.

You will get the multiple links for a single topic which you can access and judge which helps you better.


These are some high performing websites with detailed learning opportunities with different career growth courses.

These sites helped many students around the world and hope it will help you as well in making you future ready for the opportunities.