French sporting superstore Decathlon opens in Sydney

Active wear adoring Sydneysiders might find they have a few extra dollars in their pocket soon, as French retail giant Decathlon opens its first store in Australia.

The store, which opened its doors to the public on Tuesday morning, is more than 3800 square metres in size, and features a very affordable range of active wear and equipment.

Decathlon won’t be stocking Nike or Adidas, but will instead be touting a broad range developed in-house to cut down on costs.


Decathlon, a bargain sporting superstore, has opened its first shopfront in Australia, with a venue measuring more than 3800 square feet

The shop sells more than 7,000 items, and keeps prices down by only retailing its in-house brand

The shop sells more than 7,000 items, and keeps prices down by only retailing its in-house brand

A price comparison between the French brand and Target home brand left the newcomer strides ahead at the checkout. 

While an exercise singlet at Target costs $14, something similar at Decathlon will only set you back $4.

Sports shorts at Target are $19, while at Decathlon they cost 11 dollars less, setting customers back a measly $8.

The home-brand discount really makes a difference in the price of shoes as well, with a pair of Decathlon shoes retailing for $19, and a similar styled pair from Fila selling for $39.

Singlet at Target - $14

Singlet at Decathlon - $4

The store boasts a very affordable range of activewear, with a cotton singlet from the store retailing for just $4 – a $10 discount on the price of a similar item at Target

Decathlon shorts cost $8

Target shorts cost $19

Shorts at the French superstore are a measly $8, while a similar pair at Target will set customers back $19

Oliver Robinet, the CEO of Decathlon’s Australian arm, said during the store’s public launch on Tuesday while the prices were low, the quality of their products was not. 

‘At Decathlon, we are great innovators. We have research and development facilities all over France to develop the latest innovative designs, registering up to 40 patents per year,’ he said.

‘Australian customers can now experience all the amazing innovative new products that we have designed and they are very affordable. 

‘At Decathlon, we believe that all products should be of premium quality in order to make sport more accessible to the everyday Australian.’

The superstore will also sell sporting goods, from protein powder to soccer balls to stand-up paddle boards.

Decathlon sports shoes - $19

Fila shoes - $39

When compared against name brand items, the cost is even greater. A pair of Fila shoes retail at $39, while Decathlon brand runners are $19

Oliver Robinet, the CEO of Decathlon's Australian arm, said the store's products were of 'premium quality'

Oliver Robinet, the CEO of Decathlon’s Australian arm, said the store’s products were of ‘premium quality’

A treadmill from Decathlon will set Australians back $750, while a well-timed discount at competitor RebelFit will ask for only $639.20 for their cheapest model.

For avid campers, it might be time to call off the trip to BCF. A two-person tent will set you back $40 there, but only $30 at Decathlon. 

It’s not just sports-wear the company are interested in. 

The design of the new store makes a clear nod to Australian culture, providing a BBQ area for local sporting teams to utilise in their fundraising efforts.

In an attempt to reach as many people as possible, the store has also declared it will remain open for 24 hours a day for the first two weeks of opening.

Customers are encouraged to mark on a board when they think the shop should close in future.