Fresh blow for family of Kfir Bibas as Hamas offer to exchange three hostages’ bodies a day after claiming the baby, his brother and mother were killed in Israeli bombardment

The family of the Kfir Bibas, a baby who was snatched and taken into Gaza by Hamas, were met with yet more anguish today after Hamas offered to hand over the bodies of three hostages to Israel. 

Hamas claimed that Israel had refused its offer to hand over the three bodies without naming the dead. 

But it comes a day after the terrorists claimed – without providing evidence – that the ten-month-old, his four-year-old brother Ariel and his mother Shiri Silberman-Bibas, 30, were killed in an Israeli bombardment before Friday’s truce was announced. 

Kfir’s father Yarden, 34, who was also taken hostage by the terrorists, was not mentioned in the statement.

The Israeli military said yesterday it is checking the claims by Hamas that the little baby was killed alongside his mother and brother while they were being kept hostage by the terrorists.

The IDF, which slammed Hamas as ‘cruel and inhuman’, said they have spoken to the Bibas family about the claims, which are massively overshadowing last-minute negotiations to extend the truce further. 

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Hamas has claimed Kfir Bibas, a baby who was snatched and taken into Gaza by the terrorists, was killed in an Israeli airstrike alongside his mother and brother before the truce was announced six days ago