Fresh lead in the hunt for missing Cleo with car sighting

Fresh lead in the hunt for missing Cleo as witness comes forward with sighting of car driving from campsite area at the same time the four-year-old girl went missing

West Australian Police say they have a new lead in the hunt for missing four-year-old girl Cleo Smith after witnesses came forward with what could be a vital sighting of a car in the area near the time screeching tyres were heard at the scene.

Detective Superintendent Rod Wilde, who is leading the case, said on Sunday that a car was seen around 3am on the morning of Saturday, October 16 when Cleo went missing, turning south off Blowholes Rd – near the area the family was camping – and headed for Carnarvon.

The timing of the sighting coincides with evidence from other campers that they heard the the sound of screeching tyres from a car rapidly leaving the campsite about 3am that morning. 

Police say witnesses have come forward with the sighting of a car at the scene of Cleo Smith’s disappearance, which coincides with evidence of screeching tyres being heard at the campsite from which she disappeared.

Det. Sgt. Wilde said the evidence was ‘credible’ and the witnesses had only come forward after learning of the possible abduction of the child, having not thought their sighting of the car as being significant at the time.  

‘Obviously at that time when the people observed it, it wasn’t anything of great significance,’ he said.

‘They just came forward after hearing about Cleo and the news and realised the significance.

‘Fortunately, they’ve come forward and passed that on to us so we are keen to speak to the person who was driving and anyone who was in that vehicle to speak to us.’