Fun Ways to Play with Makeup this Year

Now that 2020 has (finally) come to an end, we can all set our sights forward, to bigger and better things. Though it may be stressful that many things are still out of our control, it is in our best interest to spend our energy on the things we can control.

If you are like many who have struggled to have fun with everything being closed and having to maintain a social distance from people around you, chances are, you’re looking for something to do with your time that feels productive and can offer an escape from the exhausting monotony that many of us have become accustomed to last year.

Why not invest some of your precious energy into a creative outlet that not only offers a chance to showcase your inner artist but also allows you to develop a new skill? Playing with makeup can help you look good and feel good without needing to stress about leaving the house.

Try a new product

With money being tight, it may seem intimidating to pour a lot of money into a new hobby. Luckily, there are more affordable options than ever, and you don’t have to sacrifice quality to enjoy these inexpensive products.

Maybe you haven’t experimented with a blush as much as you would like to, or maybe you have always wanted to learn the art of contouring but never had the tools. Whatever it is that you want to experiment with, now you have more time than ever to test out new products to add to your everyday makeup routine, or even for special-occasion looks.

Now is the time to finally try out those lipstick shades to find the red that’s just right for you.

Get dolled up with nowhere to go

Who says you have to go out for a night on the town to look like a makeup icon? Try a new full beat and join your friends for a little Zoom happy hour.

It’s no surprise that social media is blowing up now more than ever, so if you want to showcase your look to a wider audience, post away. You can even use a free evening to practice your makeup (just to make sure you still got it), check your gorgeous self out in the mirror, and then have a little dance party all by yourself. Now is a great time to practice self-love without feeling like you have to prove yourself to anyone else.

Experiment with the newest, coolest makeup trends

With the aforementioned social media popularity, there are more trends than ever. Luckily, there are many beauty influencers who post step-by-step tutorials on all of your favorite new trends. Try a bat-wing eyeliner look without worrying about being on a time crunch, leisurely put together an intensely colorful eyeshadow look, or finally see if the whole fluffy brow trend is for you.

Transform yourself into another character

If you’re feeling adventurous and have an afternoon to kill, sit down, and go in-depth with an over-the-top character look. Draw inspiration from your favorite pop culture phenomena, TV shows, and movies, or even animals to create a truly transformative, out-of-the-box look. If you’re not ready to branch out and completely freestyle this one, don’t worry, there are plenty of video tutorials by your favorite makeup gurus online. As a side-note: if you’re not a professional makeup artist, try not to compare your finished look to the one you drew inspiration from. Makeup artists have spent years perfecting their craft, so chances are, they have a bit more experience under their belts.

It doesn’t matter how you decide to play with makeup, as long as you do exactly that: play. Makeup is fun, whimsical, and exciting, so take a deep breath and go with the flow.