Fury as police patrols are stepped up outside two of London’s most prestigious private schools

‘Where are the patrols outside ALL schools?’ Police presence is stepped up outside two top London private schools after six pupils are mugged – but parents say rest of capital should be protected too

  • Students from Dulwich College and neighbouring Alleyn’s have been robbed 
  • One victim, 13, was targeted by thug who put phone in his pocket to grab phone
  • Story about increased patrols has split opinipn because of schools involved 

Police have stepped up patrols outside two of London’s most prestigious private schools after students were mugged for their phones.

Pupils from £40,000-a-year Dulwich College – reputedly Britain’s most expensive school – and its £18,000-a-year neighbour Alleyn’s – have been robbed including six boys in one evening.

Students from the nearby state Kingsdale Foundation School have also been victims.

The most recent incident came ten days ago two teenagers were targeted by a mugger with a knife with thugs apparently picking children to steal from based on their uniforms.

But the increased patrols have caused a row online after some critics said the private school students were getting better protection than state students from other areas of London. 

One parent wrote on Facebook: ‘Six posh kids are mugged and all of a sudden there’s enough police to guard them. Sickening as all children should be protected not just the ones with rich parents’.

Another critic wrote: ‘Where are the patrols outside all the schools where so many children are mugged, offered drugs or being drawn into gangs?’

Muggers have been targeted private school students including from the £40,000-a-year Dulwich College (pictured) 

Students at fee-paying Alleyn's (file picture) have also been targeted by thieves stealing phones

Students at fee-paying Alleyn’s (file picture) have also been targeted by thieves stealing phones

The mother of one 13-year-old pupil today described how he was ambushed as he walked home from Kingsdale.

The primary school teacher, 49, who asked not to be named, told the Evening Standard: ‘He ran into a Co-op and called his friend who lives nearby, then stayed with his friend. I’m just glad he did all the right things. It was such a shock. I’d never heard of this happening in Dulwich, especially to children in uniforms.’

Her son said: ‘This person was following me. He turned me around and reached into my pocket. I was confused. Then he said ‘Give me your phone’. He swung at me but missed. I ran down Ryedale Road and he chased after me. Then I saw some people and shouted “Help, I’m getting robbed”.’

The mugger, who was white with ginger hair and wearing a green jacket, sprinted off. 

Detectives have said the robberies are on children going to and from these schools and have spiked since the end of 2018.

Reacting to the news Val Watson said on Facebook: ‘Oh must look after the rich kids…s*d the rest’.

Jackie Bennett said: ‘What about police patrolling Eltham High Street where children are getting mugged regularly by a ginger boy in a white coat carrying a knife and his equally scummy friends. Don’t those children matter because they aren’t private school pupils?’

Liam Sheppard wrote: ‘Wouldn’t do this in a normal primary or secondary school’. 

Another said: ‘Wow! So this can happen in an affluent area like Dulwich where there are two prestigious private schools. Where’s the stepped up police presence in Islington after another child has needlessly lost his life?’ 

And Nigel Rafferty said: Remove the temptation. Stop giving children £1000 iPhones etc’.

But others said the school the teenagers go to is irrelevant. 

Brenda Whillock said: ‘A child is still a child and to be mugged is horrendous rich or poor need to catch quick and a proper punishment given not a slap on the wrist as this isn’t working’.

Ant Goldsworthy wrote: ‘They do the same outside many state schools everyday, and have done for years’. 

Critics on social media suggested the schools' students were getting special treatment

Critics on social media suggested the schools’ students were getting special treatment

Headteachers of Dulwich College, Alleyn’s School and Kingsdale Foundation School said in a joint statement: ‘Such crimes, particularly targeting children, are deplorable. We are working assiduously with local police, councillors, our local MP and Safer Routes to School to help ensure pupils walking to and from school are safe, and feel safe’.

A 17-year-old male was arrested and admitted two robberies and one attempted robbery. He will be sentenced this month.

Inspector Owen Pyle says the Met are working with schools in the area, and Southwark Council, to make sure any similar incidents are being reported.

To report any information anonymously, call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111, or call police on 101.


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