Gamblers’ most favourite slot machine themes

All online slots games are themed, but a number of them have a more prominent character, topic, or story that makes them catch the gamblers’ eyes. Sometimes isn’t the theme that attracts players, but the way the operator packs it and draws the public’s attention. The theme often sets the slots game apart from the competitors because it’s hard to find a slot without a concept behind the gameplay in the present context.

All online casino providers want to offer their clients engaging experiences, and therefore, they enrich their games with topics that cover all preferences and meet all requirements. You’ll see slots with themes that vary from fairy tales to religion, films, animals, space, and adventure.

The nice thing about playing themed slots is that you’re spoiled with choices. At the moment, the most popular theme seems to be the Book of Ra and its countless clones. But if you don’t want to play a game called the Book of…something series, you may want to find out what other themes are available on the market.

Ancient Egypt

The old Kingdom of Egypt is often described as sinister, mystical, and magical, and slots creators know people are captivated by everything described this way, so they don’t miss the chance to create Ancient Egypt themed games whenever they have a chance. The gambling industry is rich in Egyptian themed slots, but new and updated versions are launched every year.

As stated before, the Book of Ra is the most popular slots game (in online and offline casinos) and has been replicated by many operators that created their own versions of Book of something. If you’re tired of playing Book of Ra, but you like Ancient Egypt themed games, you may want to give the Book of Dead a shot. The game is an adventurous quest to finding the Pharaoh’s hidden treasures, and it’s trending on the market for a while now.

Cleopatra is another Ancient Egypt themed slot gamblers like playing in online casinos because it’s reminiscent of the land-based games they played a few years ago.


To build the perfect casino site, operators need to include a broad range of slots to meet all their clients’ preferences. Oriental-themed games occupy a big chunk of online gambling space because many people find them appealing. Also, many people are Asian-themed slots fans because everything related to mysticism sounds captivating and intriguing.

The best-rated oriental-themed slots game is Chi, a Chinese themed game, ELK Studios created for children that tells the story of two helpful spirits called Mow and Chi. Other well-loved oriental slots include games with dragons spitting fire and lions. A fast-emerging subcategory that has started to create buzz on the market is inspired by the Japanese anime Koi Princess and integrates beautiful animations and captivating soundtracks that provide the player with a unique experience.


Lately, online casino games developers have dabbled in numerous themes to attract more players. And when they sensed a huge interest in branded games, they didn’t think twice before latching onto them. So now you can find movie-themed slots like Dark Knight Rises, Game of Thrones, and Jurassic Park. Because popular movies inspire them, they also include marvellous animations, sound effects, and graphics. The reels integrate the same soundtrack as the movie they’re inspired by, movie characters symbols, and the players can even see authentic clips from the films when they spin the reels. Most movie-themed slots offer free spins, bonuses, large jackpots, and many other special features.


No theme escapes online slots creators these days, not even religion. If you want to try something unique, you can play religious slots online based on the Holy Bible. Even if some may find it surprising that there’s a public for religious-themed casino games, Bible slots collection was voted the best free slot game in 2013. What should you expect when you pick this kind of a game? Most of them are inspired by Christian stories and include well-known characters like Moses, Adam, and Eve.


Freak-show themes that include monsters, vampires, and undead creatures have always captured the public’s attention. Horror-themed slot games are based on classic horror movies and thriller stories that include supernatural powers. The familiarity of these stories and mythical creatures is what makes these slots so popular because people have always been fascinated by monsters. Dracula is one of the most popular characters in horror slots because people find his story charming (the Romanian prince went rogue and selling his soul to the devil).

But if you prefer heart-stopping games, you can choose a blood-curling movie-inspired game like Halloween by John Carpenter. It will get your heart pumping and raise your pulse, and you don’t have to play it only on Halloween; you can spin the reels whenever you want.

Horror-themed slots are unique in the gambling world because they have an atmospheric backdrop that makes your skin shiver even on a bright sunny day.


Superheroes have always dominated the entertainment world, and lately, this theme has entered all domains from fashion to comics and online gambling. As you can expect, the most popular superhero-themes casino games are the ones that include famous characters like Iron Man, Spiderman, Hulk, Batman, and Captain America. Online slots feature characters from both DC and Marvel, and you can find slots like the Justice League, the Last Son of Krypton, and Batman in online casinos.

Beings with superpowers are no longer popular only in comic books and movies; gamblers also love them because they offer an entertaining characteristic to casino games. And with popular phenomena like the Avengers and Justice League, it’s only natural to expect more slots inspired by superheroes.

What’s your favourite theme? 

The gambling industry provides access to endless themed slots from different providers. It’s hectic to navigate the slots world if you don’t know what you’re looking for. We hope this article helps you determine what category draws your attention.