Gambling Laws & Licensing Authorities Around the World

Each country has its own attitude towards gambling. In some countries, casinos are allowed, in other ones gambling is strictly prohibited. Let’s talk about the countries where gambling is officially allowed.

New Zealand and Australia. In these countries, gambling is only allowed in certain casinos.

Canada. In Canada, the gambling business is officially legal and is actively flourishing. There are 55 legal casinos in operation.

USA: Laws prohibit entering and withdrawing funds (do not prohibit visiting casinos). Google has banned the advertising of gambling games for money in the United States. Allowed advertising of “simulators of gambling” – again, you can go along the path of franchising, that is, advertising the games themselves.

The Bahamas. If you come to the Bahamas for vacation, you can play in different types of casinos. For example, in “floating casinos”, “luxury” casinos.

EU: Most EU countries allow casino advertising and activities with an EU license (Malta, Maine). There are no advertising bans (according to Google documents) in most countries. Where there are bans, you can also advertise games, and not the casino itself

England, Portugal, USA, Sweden, Singapore, Germany. In these countries, the gambling business has been allowed for a long time. All types of gambling are legal. There are many successful casinos that generate significant income for countries.

Italy. In Italy, gambling is only allowed in four casinos.

Greece. In Greece, it is allowed to gamble, place bets, visit casinos. Every year, the gambling business brings substantial income to the country.

Monaco. Monaco’s main income is its numerous gambling establishments. The main income for the country comes from the luxury casino “Monte Carlo”.

The Netherlands. Gambling in the country was recently allowed. At the moment, there are fourteen officially registered casinos in the country.

Gambling in Asia

Most Asian countries make gambling illegal. Ultimately, gambling in Asia varies from country to country. Most Asian casinos are located in hotels or resorts, so the gambling atmosphere is expected: luxurious, relaxing, and friendly.

China. Online gambling is prohibited in China everywhere except Macau, while in Macau online gambling must have an offline casino version. Advertising on sites, even indirect, is prohibited. Gambling is allowed only in a special gaming zone in Macau. Macau is considered one of the largest gambling zones in the world.

Korea: Harsh laws for illegal casinos. one only casino in the country that is legal

Japan: Although Japan has a strict ban on all types of gambling, the enterprising Japanese have found a way around it using a clever indirect payout system. The difference between Japanese slots is that the winners receive souvenirs that can later be exchanged for real money. Thus, without breaking any state laws, gambling establishments attract gambling enthusiasts throughout the country and generate considerable profits at the same time. There are over 200 online casinos in Japan. Casino advertising is not prohibited. Google is officially allowed to advertise casinos in Japan.

India: In fact, the activities of online casinos are not regulated in any way. In 2016, the Indian government allowed foreign operators to invest in the country’s gambling business. India’s Supreme Court in 2016 came up with a proposal to legalize sports betting in the country. No advertising bans

Indonesia: The gambling landscape in Indonesia is not very bright. Millions of Indonesians love gambling, but they can’t place legal wagers within their own country. This is why many players decide to gamble on foreign online casino sites, so-called “situs judi online” (“online gambling sites”). These sites take bets in Indonesian Rupiahs and offer their interface in many Asian languages spoken by Indonesians.