Geelong house of horrors: Shocking video shows elderly woman Maree Natoli who lived with her brother Robert’s corpse trapped in filthy garage for days after the grim discovery


An elderly woman who was living with her brother’s corpse has been filmed trapped in her filthy garage just hours after the grim discovery. 

Geelong woman Maree, believed to be aged in her 70s, had been interviewed by Geelong detectives and released without charge in December 2022 after forensic specialists in biohazard suits retrieved what was left of her brother, Robert Natoli, from their home.

Daily Mail Australia has obtained a heartbreaking video interview with Maree taken by a concerned citizen after she returned to her locked public housing property in the Geelong suburb of Newtown, southwest of Melbourne. 

Sitting behind a mountain of rubbish under the porch at the rear of her house, Maree politely conversed with her interviewer about her life. 

‘I’ve never been married, no children, no partner, no nothing,’ Maree said. 

Maree sits among the garbage strewn through her garage in the hours after her brother was found rotting inside 

Above is the room where Maree's brother was found dead

Above is the room where Maree’s brother was found dead

‘I used to have family but now mum and dad have passed away. I haven’t got anybody now. And my aunties as well. And uncles. I have cousins.’

Asked if she had any siblings, Maree said that she had none. 

‘No. No I haven’t,’ she exclaimed sadly.  

Hours earlier, police had removed her in handcuffs from the same property after discovering the skeletal remains of her brother, who would have been 76 this year. 

Maree told the woman she had been hopeful of being granted access back into the ramshackle property, that was still filled with garbage of all kinds. 

‘They have to do something,’ Maree said, who had been baking under the hot summer sun. 

Inside the Newtown flat where Maree lived with her dead brother for years

Inside the Newtown flat where Maree lived with her dead brother for years 

Black mould and debris littered Maree's home

Black mould and debris littered Maree’s home 

Offered food and water, Maree declined despite her grim predicament. 

‘I haven’t got any food out here… it’s alright. Thank you. You’re a nice girl, thank you very much for doing that. I’ll be alright. I’ve got water down there,’ she said, referring to a backyard tap. 

The woman who captured the video, and asked to remain anonymous, told Daily Mail Australia that Maree spent the next three days sweltering in her garage.

‘Marie rocked up later that night after being arrested and we called the (housing) department straight away and they came and told her she wasn’t allowed at the house, so she left. And then the next morning she was back again doing her garden and moving the bins,’ the woman said. 

‘That’s when she was sitting under the carport and I thought someone was with her, she was talking to someone in the backyard, but no-one was there.’

The woman said Maree appeared to be in a good state and chatted happily about neighbourhood gossip from years earlier. 

‘She would remember people’s names. She doesn’t have dementia because she could remember stuff that happened years ago… she was just having a normal conversation.’

The woman filmed some of the exchange in the hope it could be helpful to authorities. 

Victoria Police spokeswoman Kathryn Muffett told Daily Mail Australia on Friday Maree’s welfare after being released from custody was not their concern. 

‘The woman was released from hospital. This would be a matter for DFFH (the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing),’ she responded via email. 

The flat where Maree lived for years with the rotting corpse of her brother Robert

The flat where Maree lived for years with the rotting corpse of her brother Robert 

A spokesperson for the department described the incident as tragic and expressed its ‘deepest sympathies to the man’s family and friends’.

‘All complaints received were taken seriously and staff attempted to have them addressed while complying with renters’ rights under the Residential Tenancies Act,’ the department stated.

‘The Department had made numerous attempts to inspect the property and get in touch with the tenant and had an application at VCAT to secure access to the home.

‘The man’s sister was provided with alternative housing and support services immediately.’

But Maree said the department had locked her out of her house.

‘She said “I haven’t done anything wrong. I’m not a criminal. They won’t let me in and won’t give me the key”,’ the concerned citizen said. 

When told police had located a body inside, Maree claimed she knew nothing about it. 

‘That’s what they were saying,’ Maree told the woman. 

‘There was no body in there. I’ve lived there for years and I would have known if there was a body in there.’

Government representatives eventually arrived with health workers, but Maree refused to leave her garage, a neighbour said. 

‘We thought they would have forced her because she was clearly mentally unwell. She said “I don’t trust doctors. I don’t trust anyone. I’ve never been to a doctor and I’m fine”. And they just left her there,’ the neighbour said. 

‘She was there for three days after this happened and just sat under the carport. She’d go for walks and come back. A neighbour eventually took her in for days and the department ended up giving her a new house.’

Maree told neighbours she had never held a form of identification and it remains unknown if she was obtaining any Centrelink payments.

‘It’s like she just came out of nowhere and started living at the house. We don’t know where she came from. She claimed she lived in Sydney at some point, but who knows if that is true,’ a neighbour said. 

Video obtained by Daily Mail Australia from a person who was authorised to enter the home showed Maree’s house jam-packed with rubbish. 

Maree's cupboards were filled with cat food, which she used to feed the local strays

Maree’s cupboards were filled with cat food, which she used to feed the local strays 

Maree could not even get access to her toilet, which was covered in rubbish

Maree could not even get access to her toilet, which was covered in rubbish

The room where her dead brother was supposedly found had rubbish piled high, with her toilet, kitchen and bedrooms resembling a tip. 

It is understood Maree had been living at the home for years without power or a water connection.   

On the day of her arrest, police had come to Maree’s home to conduct a welfare check, but she refused to let them in, a witness told Daily Mail Australia. 

‘They used a crowbar and smashed through it and then they walked in the house and saw the deceased and they’ve arrested Maree and taken her away,’ the witness said. 

Video of that arrest later appeared on TikTok, prompting a renewed interest in Maree’s plight. 

Maree had been known to spend the majority of her days outdoors where she was often observed cutting her lawns with ordinary house scissors and removing bins from the road. 

‘She spent hours outside looking like she was cleaning her yard, but she wasn’t actually cleaning it. She was just moving trash around,’ a neighbour said.  

Neighbours told Daily Mail Australia while they believed Maree to be mostly harmless, she was confrontational when questioned about her odd antics. 

‘She wasn’t physically aggressive, but she was always yelling and angry, confrontational,’ one neighbour said. 

Her brother, who is understood to have died at least five years before his body was found under a pile of garbage, was described by neighbours as also being mentally ill. 

‘It was her brother’s house and everyone just thought he had moved away. Initially it was just him in the house and Maree moved in later,’ a neighbour said.  

‘He was weird. He’d come out and walk around in his underwear and stuff, but then Maree came along and they were both there for a little bit… he was mostly inside whereas Maree was always outside.’

Every room was littered with rubbish

Every room was littered with rubbish

Police officers at the scene

Police officers at the scene 

Neighbours claimed Maree was determined to ensure any CCTV cameras erected on their flats did not focus on her home, which was always draped in darkness by mouldy blinds. 

Nicole Stratton, who has lived directly behind the house for the past six years, told Daily Mail Australia she had made numerous complaints to Victoria’s Department of Families, Fairness and Housing about her neighbour, but they failed to uncover the body. 

While neighbours were oblivious to the filth Maree was living in, her littered garage had been more than enough to warrant concern. 

‘They would come and check (me) and they would ask about her and I would complain about the smell. It was disgusting and the carport was always filled with (rubbish),’ she said last week.

‘I always thought the smell was just garbage because she was always collecting garbage from everywhere. I just thought it was the old rubbish left under the carport.

‘The blinds were always down and there was just mould on it. She never opened the house up.’