General Mills reviving old Trix with artificial colors

Trix is back to its old tricks – and people who like their breakfast cereal green and blue can rejoice. 

The colorful cereal will once again be made with artificial dyes and flavors, nearly two years after they were banished from the cereal.

General Mills, which makes Trix, says customers asked for the old formula to come back. 

The Minneapolis-based company had made the changes in 2016 to try and appeal to parents who were increasingly concerned about what ingredients were in their food. But when it switched to using turmeric, strawberries and other natural sources, the cereal lost its famous neon colors.

Trix is bringing back the chemicals. After announcing they were ridding their cereal of artificial colors and flavors in 2015, they are bringing them back. They released this photo  side by side in 2015, but that future pic with no green and no blue and a weird red is now the past

The company was able to come up with alternatives for red, orange, yellow and purple Trix pieces, it was too difficult to find natural alternatives for blue and green that achieved the right taste and color so those colors were dropped all together.

General Mills says Classic Trix will return to supermarket shelves in October, and it will continue to sell the natural version, too.

The changes were first reported by The Wall Street Journal.