General Questions To Ask When In Need Of Labels

Placing an order online is the most convenient way of getting your specialty label supplies needs. Whether you need specimen labels, labels for chemicals, inlay labels, etc., one thing is for sure, you never want to go wrong as if you do, you are jeopardizing your ability to organize your work as well as getting the right data and facts you need.

It is hospitals, laboratories, and testing facilities that are in greater need of labels. All these are required to submit facts, and with the use of quality labels, they can collect information they need in a more organized manner. Getting mixed up with specimens, chemicals, etc., would not allow them to generate accurate testing for their patients.

Needless to say, if you are in need of specialty labels, there are a few general questions you need to ask in order to get not just quality labels but good customer service too. Some are not as okay asking general questions when buying specialty labels, as they see it as a complete waste of time, but actually, it is not, especially if you could get exactly what you are looking for.

General Questions Best To Ask When Ordering Specialty Labels

Here are a few general questions you can start with:

Is it possible to return or exchange items?

One of the first questions you must ask is whether or not they allow the return or exchange of items. Since you are dealing with them online, you have no assurance if the photos and descriptions of the labels on their website is what you will exactly receive.

Ask if they honor to return and exchange, and how will it work? Are there fees to collect for exchange? Do you need to shoulder the shipping fee for exchanged and returned items and so on?

This question is very important especially for 1st-time customers as you initially do not know what to expect from their items.

How can I track my order?

Is there a way you can track your orders? This is important for customers who are ordering from shops overseas. Expect that the delivery time is longer and there are additional fees to be charged but needless to say, if the company manufactures the best specialty labels, there is no reason not to get supplies from them.

Ask if they would provide you a tracking number so you would know your order’s whereabouts and you can set your expectations.

How would I know if your labels can be used on my printer?

Most labels can be used on different printers, but to make it sure and clear, best to call their customer service and ask if their labels are compatible with the printer you are using. There are some labels that are not as good with ink, while there are some that are only compatible with ink printers. Ask the manufacturer’s customer service about compatibility.

How can I print my own barcode and serial number?

The manufacturers themselves can print it for you, but if you want to print on your own, you can actually use different software for barcode and serial number management. Needless to say, best if you consider easy-to-use software so this task won’t consume too much of your time.

What information do you need from me?

You may also want to know what information the manufacturer needs from you. Do they need your name, your company’s name, contact information, etc.? If so, apart from filling in their customer’s information, where else would they use it. Do not give them permission to use it to send you emails for marketing purposes, etc., if you wished not to build any further relationship with them.