Get Certified! – 5 Food Safety Supervisor Certifications You Can Get Online

Are you planning on opening up your own restaurant? Or planning on working in the food industry? Whatever segment of the industry you intend to work in, if you’re working in Australia, you’ll need to follow certain legal requirements to qualify. Though this isn’t mandatory in all states, New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, and the Australian Capital Territory do require it.

Becoming a food safety supervisor is relatively easy these days. All you require is enrolment into and completion of a short course. What makes it even better is that you can now get licensed from the comfort of your own home. You no longer have to cut your workday short to attend any of these courses and in most cases, you’ll probably receive your certificate at the end of the seminar.

Though there are plenty of options to choose from, here are 5 food safety supervisor certifications you can get:

HACCP For Food Safety (Foundation course)

This course is quite straightforward. You don’t need any prior knowledge but if you’re already familiar with HACCP, GMP, and other food management systems, it might prove beneficial. The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system is a mechanism set in place for ensuring product safety. You can expect to gain valuable knowledge on where food safety hazards exist, how they come about and what to do to prevent them.

ISO 22000: 2018 Food Safety Management System (FSMS)

As one of the three constituents of FSSC 22000 certification, the ISO 22000 is a globally recognized standard of food safety. Due to its high credibility rate, an investment in this course is likely to attract more customers, suppliers, investors, and retailers. Not only can you expect to be acquainted with the latest ISO standards but gain valuable insight on topics regarding leadership, performance, progress, and much more.

Certificate in Food Allergens Management in the Food Industry

Many times, restaurateurs host customers that have fatal food allergies and without the correct skillset, it might be hard to tackle the situation. This certification will cover the definition of food allergies, types of food allergens, how to detect an allergic reaction and how to handle such a situation. This course is suitable for all individuals handling and serving food within the industry.

Food Handling Certificate

This course is crucial for developing skills and attaining critical knowledge on food handling. It will elaborate on how to prevent food from contamination, what measures to take to warrant food safety and how to maintain good personal hygiene. Since this course is an introductory level training of frontline food managers, it would be a great investment for your company to get employees certified as soon as possible.

Food Safety For Managers and Supervisors:

Looking to broaden your food safety horizons? Look no further. The Food Safety for Managers and Supervisors course will teach you the significance of food safety, managing food safety with HACCP, and how to improve standards.

All the courses listed are accredited throughout Australia and having prior knowledge before you apply to jobs, will certainly help you. None of these courses are longer than a few hours, so you better get going.

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