Get Pure Drinking Water with Aquasure Customer Care

Drinking water is vital for the human being because it helps the human in almost every and every function of the body such as removal of waste material from the body, digestion, proper brain functions and many others. Consumption of adequate amount of water also nourishes your immune system, but if your water is contaminated, then it can affect your body health which results into severe health condition hence always make sure that you are drinking pure and healthy water. But nowadays getting pure & healthy water is among one of the tough tasks. Aquasure customer care number helps you to get clean and healthy drinking water at your locality.

You can survive without food for several days, but without water, you can’t service even a week, but drinking contaminated or polluted water can also affect your health and cause severe illness in you which is a matter of significant concern. That is why you must concern about drinking water quality. A water purification system can help you with this because it treats the impure water & delivers you pure and healthy water, which is 100% safe for drinking purposes. Therefore the installation of a water purification system can be the best choice to get rid of impure water. Aquasure customer care provides you proper assistance regarding the water purifier installation.

One of the other reasons to install a water purification system at your home is various kinds of waterborne diseases which occurs due to the drinking of contaminated water. According to several reports, almost 80% of the total death on the Earth occurs due to the drinking of contaminated water. Thus it is necessary to drink healthy and pure water, and a water purification system can achieve this.

Different types of technology used for water purification

These days there are various types of water purifier available in the Indian market which is based on the multiple techniques some of these are given below:-

RO technology

An RO, i.e., reverse osmosis technology widely accepted method for water purification in the field of water purifier. This technology is based on the simple osmosis process. RO, i.e., reverse osmosis has an RO membrane which contains several pores in it whose size is in microns, and it doesn’t allow even human hair to pass through it. This technology is used to remove all types of impurities present in the water.


UV rays kill or suspend the growth of the microbes present in the raw water; hence, this form of water purifier is suitable for that area where the water contains a high concentration of bacterial contamination. If your source of water is municipal water, then you should have UV purification technology.

Generally, most of the people get confused while selecting a water purification, but Aquasure customer care executive will help you with this. The customer care associates help you with this so that you can easily choose the best water purifier according to your requirement.

UF Technology

UF, i.e., Ultra-Filtration technology is mainly responsible for the removal of the more significant molecular size impurities from the water. None of the water purifiers is solely based on UF technology; generally, it comes up in combination with the RO and UV water purifier. In both RO & UV water purifier the UF technology is mainly used to protect the RO and UV membrane by reducing the impurities.

Services you get at Aquasure customer care

Aquasure water purifier customer care offers you various types of water purification system which listed below:-

Selection of RO water purifier

The water quality plays the lead role in the range of water purifier. Hence before selecting a water purifier, you must know about your water quality. Aquasure customer executives are always available to help you with any types of query related to the water purifier because the selection of the best water purifier is mandatory to get pure and healthy drinking water.

RO water purifier installation

After the selection of a water purifier, the facility becomes most important because proper installation of a water purifier provides 100% safe drinking water. For the appropriate installation of a water purifier, you need to have an expert hand. Aquasure has specialist service engineers who always delivers you quick installation services.

After Sales Services

Definitely installation of a water purifier ensures you safe & healthy drinking water all the time whenever you wish to drink water. All the equipment needs regular maintenance and repair services for the smooth functioning. However, you will also need regular servicing and maintenance of the water purifier so that you can get optimum performance out of the machine.

So, book your Aquasure water purifier service request and get installation and other service related to the water purifier at an economical price. Aquasure provides you water purification in all the cities of India.