Get The Right Building Permit To Buy a Granny Flat/Home/Teenage Retreat Or Lose Thousands!

Almost all businesses now sell not only modern houses but also granny flats and teenage hideaways. It can be challenging to find out what the better choice is for each estate, as well as what the logistical needs are. Many people are unaware that each land arrangement requires its own set of council standards and building permits.

Salespeople are often unaware of these distinctions, and since the assets have a similar appearance and feel, the method may be perplexing. If you don’t do your homework to make sure you have the correct permits to buy a granny flat or teenage hideaway, you could lose thousands of dollars when it comes time to sell, so for proper guidance visit Granny Flat Solutions Australia.

New Homes

In terms of council standards and construction permits, modern houses can be relatively simple A single dwelling on a block is known as a new home (ie. the only house on your property). If you decided to construct a new home on the same land as your current one, you would have to go through the subdivision process.

This includes approaching and working with the regional council’s Town Management and Construction departments. Please ensure you have a driveway for both assets, set up power and water, and add different meters for both assets, among other things. Although the subdivision phase will increase the price of your house and generate revenue, it can take up to a year to complete.

Granny Flat

A Dependant Persons Unit is referred to as a Granny Flat (DPU). A DPU is a structure you construct on your land (that is not the main dwelling) for someone who is reliant on the individual who lives in the main dwelling. A complete kitchen, full bathroom, laundry, dining room, and a couple of bedrooms can be found in the unit. Granny flats are similar to new homes, but they are listed as a DPU when applying for a building permit.

The main thing to note here is that the device must be disconnected after the dependent individual has finished using it. It is your decision either you do this right away or when you go to sell your home but it will come up when the time comes. So when you make any judgments check with the local government to see if you can reclassify the granny flat and use of the unit by eliminating the laundry and cooking facilities. It’s also worth remembering that council laws differ from one state to the next.

Teenage Retreats

When applying for a construction permit for a teenage retreat, simply write “teenage retreat” in the appropriate box on the form. It would be listed as an addition to the major dwelling for the purposes of obtaining a construction permit. Teenage Retreats are a cost-effective and simple-to-maintain alternative if you want an extra room or a house for your children or grandparents. These are habitable buildings, also known as sleepouts, which ensures you’ll have to go through the same procedure as a DPU.


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